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When we started homeschooling I insisted I wouldn’t let it take over the house. What a joke that turned out to be! We’ve moved the school room out to the living room, because it’s so much easier for me to multitask (how am I supposed to ever clean anything if we are locked in a school room all day??). Here’s how it looks now-

We start our morning with circle time here (note the diet mountian dew….. Mama needs her caffeine!)

We do cuddly read alouds, FIAR, and MCT over here (math manipulatives are stored in the red drawers, which doubles as an end table)

The other side of the living room is the dining room, we do “messy things” at the table, and practice piano here

Everything is stored here, the things I *don’t* want Little Miss re-arranging are on the top shelves (basically old collectable books, my illustrated classics, and my favorite curriculum, Logic of English…. Michael Clay Thompson gets a top shelf too, mostly because of it’s price and resale value). The baby books are in the wicker basket for Em to destroy, and the wooden blocks are to distract her from the curriculum. I don’t mind so much that she takes down the shelves of readers daily.

The Decorator…. saying “Booo” her word for “book”


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  1. Can you tell me what is all on your wall charts? Or do you have a closer picture of it? I’m beginning to set-up our homeschool room and I bought a large dry-erase marker board and have a practice clock, but that’s about it. You look like you have a lot of fun learning tools on your wall.

    1. On the hanging rack- I have timeline cards- some are from hannah’s homeschool helps yahoo page, and I made some.

      Then I have the FLL poems.

      On the red board is-
      Daily Weather
      Day of the week- yesterday today and tomorrow
      Season Chart
      A hundreds chart (we box in how many days we have been in school, so you can still see the number but know we are 25 days in)
      There is a blank blue laminated page, where I write in skip counting patterns to practice skip counting
      Our address and phone number is on it
      A yellow square with velcro to practice coins (I put velcro on real coins)
      A days in school sheet to practice place value, and write the date
      The bottom blue strip has velcro dots for pattern practice (I put velcro on plastic pattern blocks)

      most of these printables are from confessions of a homeschooler

      Then we have a Melissa and Doug magnetic calender…..

      And…. Now that I have typed this out I think I will blog about it later today with better pictures so I can get all the proper links together. 🙂

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