Using Facebook to find a Homeschool Community

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It can be difficult to meet other homeschoolers.

I was fortunate when we moved to Germany that the base we are at already had an established homeschool community. The school liaison officer here is friendly to homeschoolers and passes along information from the educational community, and the base offers a homeschool PE class through their children and youth services. Each spring, the parents come together and put on a “co-op”. For six weeks, we meet up once a week to teach group classes, and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a wonderful group, and I enjoy the activities they have. I also felt like I was missing something, a place for me to be social with other local homeschoolers, and really get to know people on a personal level.
The internet is an amazing resource for homeschoolers. In order to find the social interaction I was craving, I set up a Facebook page titled “my city area homeschoolers”, invited my two local homeschool friends, and sent out an invite to the local homeschooling moms.

In just a few short months, the page has 50 members. More importantly, I have a place where I can pop in on Tuesday, ask if anyone wants to meet at the park at 4, and have 4-5 families willing to join us for some fun. We brainstorm field trips together, trade curriculum, get advice, set up clubs and just “hang out” virtually.

We have been able to form friendships, and I feel so much more “at home” here in Germany now that I have a social outlet with like-minded people.
I’d like to encourage you to give social networking a try if you are struggling to find a group of homeschoolers in your area. People are out there. A Facebook page is easy to set up, and easy to manage. You don’t need to plan co-ops, or field trips, or anything fancy. Just make a place for people to hang out, and they will come. Good luck forming your own community!

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