Mother Goose Time: A Day in the Life in our new Homeschool Space

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Things are starting to settle down over here. Kind of. I’m waiting on extra man power for the last bit of heavy lifting… and I haven’t touched any of the boxes the movers put in the garage. But- the main parts of the house are coming together very nicely, and it’s looking less and less like we are in transition, and more and more like we are at home.

True to my typical fashion, the two most important rooms in the house, the kitchen and the homeschool room have received the most attention from me. They are ALMOST done, and I am just giddy. The kitchen is now open and I am able to get back to making real food instead of frozen easy meals… and the homeschool room is liveable for lessons!


The chairs for our school table are still MIA in a box somewhere, and I need to get our displays, pocket charts and other goodies set up, but the bones of the room are coming together. I think I would like a giant world map, and a couple other colorful things to bring it all together, but…. it’s open for business!

I feel like I have said it again and again, but I am ready to get back to “normal” life. We do still have quite a bit of adjustment ahead of us…. Hubby will be working a new job, with new hours, new travel opportunities, and a boatload of new responsibilities. The new baby is coming (quickly, it seems!) and we’ll have to get used to that new dynamic. Everything is just new… and will be for the time being.

In the meantime though, it’s just us, doing what we do. Today, I wanted to share a day in the life for Little Miss right now- she’s getting settled in and getting used to the new routine too! Check out what she did with Mother Goose Time today:


She started the day at the little writing desk, and worked on her letters. DSC_0486

I took this opportunity to get some “parent led” work done with Bug, and got him set up with his independent work. DSC_0488

Little Miss got bored of writing before I was finished getting the boys going…. DSC_0498

So she sat and played with some puzzles while she waited on me. DSC_0499 I got out my teachers manual and today’s pack.


And we did circle time at the table today, because our corner is still a hot mess, and I didn’t get the displays back up yet. No worries, circle time at the table is still fun! DSC_0500

(Today‘s materials) DSC_0505

We looked at today’s poster, and talked about protecting yourself- especially bike safety. DSC_0510

Then we got started on the craft. I just LOVE these rice noodles. DSC_0514

The noodles represent her brain- she built a brain sculpture  DSC_0530

And then decorated a “helmet” DSC_0535

See? It protects the brain!  DSC_0540

And then I just ignored her 😉 DSC_0546

And she played, and played and played with the brain and helmet. And I worked some more with the boys. DSC_0548

When she was done with that, we talked about how bones protect your body too. And we built with blocks to make a protective structure. And, knocked it down. DSC_0552

Which lead her to knocking over the whole toy box. But, that’s okay, because it kept her busy for a good long time. DSC_0558

And I got to help the boys.  DSC_0566

Who really need me too. And they did a wonderful job.  DSC_0570

Mr. Man earned a break, so he took a turn playing with Little Miss. The buddy system is used here, a LOT! DSC_0572

So Bug and I tackled factors, and made arrays, and basically melted my brain out of my ears, because I am pretty sure I was absent the whole time we were taught this in the third grade. Heaven help me!  DSC_0574

Little Miss worked on the puzzle that came today, because factors took much longer than I had expected…. DSC_0580

       And then over lunch, we talked about what you do if you get hurt while playing, and how to get a grown up to help- which wrapped up today’s safety lesson with Mother Goose Time!

And now, it’s time to run out the door to take the kids to gymnastics class! Whew!

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