Earth Day Activity Placemats

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If you’re homeschooling your kids, you have the opportunity to go all out when it comes to certain times of the year. These Earth Day activity placemats are a great addition to other study material on the theme of Earth Day. (you’ll find more ideas at the end of this post!).

Why not make Earth Day a great learning experience for your kids this year? You can even do a mini unit study on the environment, ecology, and stewarding this world that God has graciously allowed us to be caretakers over.

Earth Day Activity Placemats

Why Earth Day Activity Placemats?

Activity placemats serve a dual purpose: they provide a surface for your child to eat on while also offering a range of interactive and educational activities.

These placemats can be helpful if you are traveling or if you need something to occupy younger kids while you’re focusing on more complex scholastics with your older student. They can keep your kids engaged and entertained with something productive while you are busy with meal prep or other chores.

The Earth Day activity placemat printable you’ll find below is designed to promote learning and creativity on the theme of Earth with word scramble puzzles and dot-to-dots to solve, tic-tac-toe games to play, drawings to finish, and other fun activities that are ideal for younger children.

I hope these Earth Day activity placemats will add a whole lot of fun and creativity to your family’s mealtimes and other indoor activity times.

Download the Earth Day Activity Placemats!

Looking for More Themed Activities?

  • If you’re looking for a fun study to do with your kids, this Planet Earth Lapbook is the perfect activity to celebrate our planet in your homeschool! 
  • The Lorax is a story with an important message about caring for the world around us—a terrific message—and The Lorax Clay Craft is a great hands-on activity you can enjoy.
  • For an edible project, make Truffula Trees from The Lorax. This kitchen activity will go perfectly with the above clay craft time.
  • If you need a roundup of the best Earth Day Crafts and Activities, we’ve got you covered.
  • This Easy Earth Day Craft is a great way to introduce kids to the day and its meaning.

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