Mother Goose Monday: Changing Seasons

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This week has been pretty busy for us. Little Miss spent most of the week trying to recover from her icky cold, but is finally on the upswing. We still managed to fit in quite a bit of school time with her (mostly because I can’t say no when she begs to “please please I PROMISE do Emmy school!”).

Hubby has also been home for most of the week on leave, which has been an awesome blessing after the last couple months of trying to get moved into this house on my own. I was starting to feel like we were never going to get settled in (melodramatic, I know)… but after three years of Germany with half of our stuff living in boxes in the basement, I am very anxious to get it all unpacked and out of the way where it belongs!

Since Hubs has been here unpacking, I also was able to pass off some of the boy’s school work on him, which really freed me up to baby Little Miss while she moped around, as well as really dig into our Mother Goose Time curriculum this week when she was feeling up to it.

Here are the highlights:

1. Our windy art project from last Tuesday was a huge hit, and she continued playing with the fall leaves for most of the week.


2. We followed up our lesson on Autumn by going on a very small nature walk to check out the changing leaves, and found this awesome mushroom covered tree stump.

DSC_0803 DSC_0805

3. We worked on some sight words with this months “I can read” book. I am loving these readers, mostly because they have a very controlled vocabulary, and are picture guided. Little Miss isn’t really anywhere near reading, but she LOVES to “read”… with these books she is able to memorize one or two sight words, and figure out the rest of the text with the pictures. She is always SO proud to get one, and to read it to me. She did great with this book…. Of course, I didn’t think to record the lesson until she had read it through a couple times, and by the time I got it on video, she totally lost her mind, and is just goofy. Still, it’s a cute video!


4. This flower project was the favorite craft of the week. I have been hesitant to hand my three year old scissors in the past. but for this one, I let her really have at it, and I think she did a wonderful job! I lost my glue in the unpacking shuffle, so I let her stick the whole thing together with tape, and Voila! she made a beautiful potted flower.

DSC_0840 DSC_0839 DSC_0836 DSC_0833

5. Along with the flower craft, we also talked about the parts of a plant for science.

DSC_0825 DSC_0831

6. For our Winter activity, the guide suggested playing with ice cubes to build a house…. our home was too warm to pull this off without making a huge mess, but she still had a ball with the ice cubes and made a “house” for her lego man.


and….. that’s about it for this week! I just love that her lessons were able to perk her up. Hopefully next week out pictures have a lot less slime in them!

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It’s not to late to get in on the Mother Goose Time fun for next month! The theme is “Rainforest Adventure” and it’s going to be a TON of fun! Head over to Mother Goose Time to check it out!

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