Fun Fall Windy Day Art {Mother Goose Time Preschool Projects}

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Little Miss has been suffering from a terrible cold this week (and on that note, am I the only paranoid mom out there who always worries it’s something worse than “just a cold”? Oh my gosh, I am going to make myself crazy!)

Regardless of her overall moping, and refusal to get dressed in anything more fancy than flannel footie pajamas, she has insisted we do “Em School!” every day, snot or not!

This week, we had a really fun day, focused on all things Autumn, especially wind. This is my favorite project for the week. With Mother Goose Time, all the materials and instructions are included in each daily pack, so I can’t take credit for this fun one, but I wanted to give you a closer look at it so you can try it at home with your crew too!

Fun Fall Art Project
One of the things I really love about Mother Goose Time is that it breaks down each project with clear instructions for me, so I can be sure we’re not only having fun creating art, but we are really exploring the topic from a couple different angles, and practicing more skills to really challenge my little one.

For this project, we started by discussing autumn. I normally stick with the word “fall” so she got a kick out of trying to pronounce a new word.

DSC_0643 I showed her the daily poster, and we checked out the picture and discussed all the things we love about Fall. Her favorites are “Crunchy Feathers” (a.k.a. Leaves) and Pumpkins and Squirrels.

The, the real fun started!

DSC_0646 We took out the craft pack and looked over what we would be creating art with today- this one is simple, but tons of fun. We got construction paper, a straw, and some confetti. The instructions said we could also add items from nature, but she wasn’t up for collecting leaves or dirt from outside today (it’s chilly, and she’s already snotty!) and I don’t have our craft supplies unpacked yet to add anything else. No worries though, the confetti will do!

DSC_0650 First, I took the straw, and used it to blow a blast of air at her, and she caught on very quickly that we were learning about the WIND today! Then, it was her turn to blow ME with the wind!

DSC_0651 We talked about how wind blows the leaves around in the fall, and used some of the fake leaves we were sent this month in our curriculum kit for her to practice blowing them all around like the fall wind.

DSC_0654 Then, she took the glue stick, and used it to make a swirly, windy pattern on her paper.

DSC_0657 And I put a pile of confetti on the bottom, and let her have at the project! The goal was for her to decorate her windy day picture without actually placing the confetti with her fingers. She had to experiment with how hard and soft to blow, and change the angle of the “wind” and try really hard to keep the confetti on the paper instead of all over the house.

DSC_0666 I think she did a pretty darn good job, and she only slobbered on the paper a little! (and, on that note, I have no idea what is on her face. Slobber and confetti, and who knows what else. I swear, she had a bath right before this….. LOL)

DSC_0668 This project was also good for a tie in life-skills lesson! She cleaned up all the wayward confetti with the dust pan…. Wind is messy, y’all!

If you like this project, and want to have fun with your little one with almost no prep-work, check out Mother Goose Time Preschool!

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