The Nature Connection: April Tree Study

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I know it’s May 1, but I didn’t have a chance to post this sooner. I promise these pictures were taken yesterday!

I’ve been loving learning more about trees all year with the kiddos. I think this month has been the most exciting yet, because almost every day we were watching and waiting to see if something new was happening with the trees. This winter was so long, and so dark, and right when we started to feel like it was never ever going to end, the trees slowly began to change.

Tree #1, April 14th (Tilia)

Tree #2, April 14th (Hawthorne)

I am a little bummed that all the “big” changes happened the week we were in Paris, it would have been neat to take a daily picture as the leaves emerged. We’ll have to keep up this tree study next year too because I’d love to get a closer look at the whole process!

And yesterday:

Tree 2, April Tree 2, April (3) Tree 2, April (2)

Tree #2, The Hawthorn. I didn’t realize the leaves came before the blooms. I expected it the other way around!

Tree 1, April Tree 1, April (3) Tree 1, April (2)
Tree #1, The Tilia. Do you see how the leaves come out rolled up? We thought that was really interesting, to see them unroll and straighten out, kind of like a butterfly wing.

This week, our Homeschool group is having the first annual Homeschool fair where we will be able to share a project from our school year with the other local Homeschoolers. Bug, Mr. Man and I will be printing off all these pictures to share a year with our trees, as well as the other things we have learned about them over the year. We’ve really enjoyed using The Nature Connection this year and I’m really excited to share our work and see how much our trees have grown!

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