All About Mosquitoes-Life Cycle Unit Study

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When you think about summer, it’s quite possible that mosquitoes come to mind! Mosquito bites aren’t much fun (especially if mosquitoes find you super tasty like they do me!!), but these creatures can actually be quite interesting to study.

Mosquitoes serve as food sources for some birds, fish, frogs, bats, and other animals. Unfortunately, they also bite people often causing itching and sometimes spreading diseases.

But how do mosquitoes spread? How do they live? While most of us have experienced mosquito bites, we may never have thought about these questions! This printable pack is a fun way for your children and you to study about the full life cycle of a mosquito.

We think this printable pack is a great way to learn a little more about these tiny (or in some cases, not so tiny) insects! In fact, you and your children may never look at mosquitoes the same way again!

Preview Pages

This 16-page printable unit study includes a life cycle puzzle, labeling practice of the life cycle and parts of the mosquito, Montessori three-part cards, draw-your-own mosquito pages, and several blank pages for children to use to document their own observations. Take a look at some of the preview pages, and then click the banner to download the full PDF of the unit study!

Supplement with Books

Another way to learn about bugs is to use amazing books as your guide! Get outside and collect as many as you can (safely)!

Explore More Printable Packs

I’ve created even more printable packs with a “bug” theme for you to use with your kiddos! Check them out by clicking any of the graphics below!

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