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Tangrams are traditional Chinese puzzles made of squares divided into seven pieces (one parallelogram, one square, and five triangles) which can be arranged to match particular designs.

Why should you use tangrams with your children? That’s a great question!

1. We hear more and more about how important it is to have our children participate in STEM activities, and tangrams are a fun way to do it!

2. Tangrams help our children learn about spatial relationships.

3. They provide an awesome way to practice cognitive logic and math skills.

4. They can be used to teach children the names of geometric shapes and to think positively about geometry.

5. They can be used as fun art activities.

6. They may encourage children of all ages to see math/geometry as something fun and desirable instead of something that’s difficult and that they want to avoid.

This printable pack includes three pages of tangrams and puzzles and is great for all ages!

Preview Pages

Never used tangrams before in your homeschool? Today is a great day to start! Take a look at the sample pages below. Then click the banner to download the entire package!

I challenge you to create your own Tangram Cards. Just print out the tangrams and arrange them to create your own puzzles. Think about what you are studying right now. How can you use tangrams to reinforce the concepts? Take a picture of your new creations. Print and laminate your picture and the rest of these cards to create and entire series for your children.

Need a laminator? This is one of my favorites. Don’t forget the laminating sheets!

More Tangram Fun

I’ve collected some fun sites, videos, games, and books for your tangram practice! Some are very challenging! Enjoy!

~~Practice online tangrams with drag and drop games from Math is Fun: https://www.mathsisfun.com/games/tangrams.html

~~Watch how rubber tangram pieces can be arranged to make many different shapes!

Tangram: Seven Pieces, Many Faces

~~Use this big bucket of tangram pieces to create endless shapes, numbers, animals, and more!

Tangrams from Learning Resources

~~This gem of a book gives readers a full history of the tangram and offers TONS of fun tangram puzzles to try–330 to be exact!

Tangrams: 330 Puzzles

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