All About Ferns – Life Cycle Unit Study

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If you’ve been following along this summer, you know I’ve enjoyed bringing you printable packs about some things we see around us all the time but probably never stop to think much about–mosquitoes, apples, fireflies, and more! We homeschooling moms are known for our ability to turn nearly anything into a learning opportunity! And I think we’re also great at fostering a love of learning in our children. We want them to be curious about the things they see in their every-day lives. We want them to dive deeper into their environments and learn how and why things work the way they do. We want them to understand and appreciate even the common things they see, enjoy, and benefit from.

Common Facts About a Common Plant

Learning about ferns can be a great supplement to an earth science unit, and this activity pack includes tons of opportunities for your students to really dig deep into the subject.

  1. A fern is a flowerless plant which has feathery or leafy fronds and reproduces by spores released from the undersides of the fronds.
  2. Ferns do not produce seeds.
  3. Ferns have a vascular system for the transport of water and nutrients.
  4. Geographically, ferns are most abundant in the tropics.
  5. Some are used for food, medicine, as biofertilizer, as ornamental plants, and for remediating contaminated soil.
  6. They have been the subject of research for their ability to remove some chemical pollutants from the atmosphere.

All About Ferns Unit Study

Whether you’re studying botany this year or are just looking for a fun unit study to supplement another subject, this All About Ferns Unit Study is a great way to build interest and have a little bit of fun along with whatever else you’re doing!

Check out some of the sample pages below, and then click the banner below to download your own copy!

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