7 Practical Ways to Help a Homeschool Mom

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When I first began homeschooling I didn’t really understand the full impact the decision to educate our children ourselves would have on our family. Taking on the education of your children is a big step. It’s important, and can become a heavy burden to carry. For our family, homeschooling has been an amazing experience through which our children have discovered passions and have excelled in the subjects toward which they are bent, but we have also run into a few challenges. Take a look at 7 Practical Ways to Help a Homeschool Mom to learn how you can help the #homeschool mom in your life!

All homeschool families will experience challenges throughout their homeschool journey. Children are unique and each one learns in a different way. Many homeschool families end up moving to a new city or state, adding a new baby, experiencing health challenges with ourselves or our children, we may discover that one of our kids has a learning issue or a physical challenge, plus a whole host of other challenges I have not even considered. Sometimes marriages dissolve, a parent or child dies and lives are turned upside down.

At some point along the way, homeschool mamas will need help but won’t know how to ask, or possibly don’t know who to ask. Often, friends, family, and neighbors would like to do something practical to help the homeschool mom in their life, but they are not sure what would be most beneficial.

Here is a quick list of 7 ways you can help the next time you feel a prompting to serve the friend, neighbor, or family member who homeschools her children.

7 Practical Ways to Help a Homeschool Mom

  1. Can you teach art, sewing, a musical instrument? Find out if a homeschool mom you know would be interested in having you teach your skill to her child or children. Homeschool moms can do a lot but we can’t do everything!
  2. Provide care for her children so she can have a ‘mom’s day out’. She loves to be with her children, but every homeschool mom benefits from a little ‘me’ time.
  3. Bring her a meal or go grocery shopping for her. The dinner hour can be especially stressful and enjoying a meal she didn’t have to prepare is a special treat for a homeschool mama.
  4. Respect her school hours. She doesn’t set hours to get away from you but to make sure she is educating her children in the best way possible.
  5. Realize that her school day may not look at all like a traditional school day and know that that is okay.
  6. Understand that homeschooling her children IS her full time job. She may run her own business from home, too. She is doing extremely important work and would feel good to hear “good job” from someone once in a while.
  7. Ask questions, but be sure to do so in a kind way. Are you asking out of a critical spirit, or one of curiosity and support for the role and responsibility she has taken on in educating her children? It matters.

Do you have any practical tips for helping homeschool moms? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Wendy Head ShotWendy Woerner is a lover of learning, a homeschool mom to five children, wife to her high school sweetheart, and a Christ-follower. Wendy’s heart’s desire is to offer Christ-centered encouragement to wives and moms in their marriages, parenting, and home educating endeavors. She is learning to live life with passion and purpose as she follows Jesus’ lead in all aspects of life. Be sure to connect with Wendy through her business page at Purpose Living Wife, join her Facebook community for wives and moms, and follow her on Periscope to receive the support and encouragement you need.

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