Halloween Candy Graphing Practice {Free Printable}

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Halloween season is in full swing, and many parents (and kids) are looking for ways to incorporate a bit of this fun, festive, holiday into school activities. Today’s activity is sure to make math extra fun (and exciting) because you get to use math as an excuse to stock up on some of your favorite Halloween candy!  Halloween Graphs

One of the great things about today’s activity pack is that you can adapt it for children of a variety of ages. This Halloween Candy Graphing Pack includes practice for reading and using all different kinds of graphs and charts, such as:

  • Table making
  • Tally charts
  • Circle graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Fractions
  • Percentages

How to Use:

This printable is easy to use and adapt in a variety of ways! The most straightforward way to use this printable is to give your child a variety of different Halloween candies (most stores sell variety packs this time of year). Then, simply let them count and sort each type and mark it on the graph.

Using This Printable for Young Children:

Young children can still benefit from learning about charts and tables! For the little kids, simply limit their pool of candy to 1-20 total pieces. Older children can do a more challenging version with an unlimited candy selection. (Just watch how much candy seems to mysteriously disappear!)

The downloadable PDF for this packet also includes live internet links to educational videos that can help your kids better understand some of the concepts being used, so be sure to check those out before you hit “Print”!


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