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Halloween Early Learning Pack!

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This pack has TONS of cute stuff in it for Halloween:

  • Word Wall Cards
  • See it, Write it (I print two sets of these, one set is cut and put up as the word wall, the second is laminated and used for penmanship practice with wet-erase markers)
  • First Sounds
  • Halloween Matching Game
  • Pattern Practice
  • Counting Practice
  • Addition Practice
  • Cutting Practice

Many of these activities are perfect for Pre-K children who are exploring first sounds and learning to read and write, such as the “First Sounds,” challenge and the “See it, Write it,” Halloween-themed words. 

However, children up to first grade will also benefit from the hand-writing practice, as well as the pattern recognition and early arithmetic games! There is also an October calendar that you can use to teach about days of the week and months of the year. 

The bright colors and fun, adorable Halloween designs will keep children engaged and make them excited to complete this early learning pack!

Need a laminator? Pick up this inexpensive one for home use- It’s a great deal, and the one I use in my home!

Don’t forget to play by the rules when you download this file. No hosting, sharing, emailing the files. Please pin this post and share it with friends, but invite them to come to me to download their own copy. Things are free here because your traffic keeps us up and running. Thanks for supporting your friendly neighborhood blogger! Graphics from, license here.

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