Harry Potter Themed Copywork – Dumbledore Quotes

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Dumbledore quote copywork

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I love the books and read every last one as it came out (often, overnight after picking it up from the store at midnight) and watched all of the movies just as obsessively. I have been quite protective of the books in our home- I want Bug to read them when he is old enough to fall in love with them as much as I have. This year is the year, and I am reading the Sorcerers Stone to him at bedtime this month.

This printable pack includes 15 quotes from Albus Dumbledore himself.  I tried to choose quotes that are uplifting, and luckily, there are many wise quotes from Dumbledore to go around! I love that these also double as conversation starters, because many of them are deeply philosophical. Anyways- I hope you love them, and I hope they are a joyful addition to your school day!

If you haven’t picked up the illustrated version of the Harry Potter books, get them ASAP! These books are just stunning and were exactly the thing Doodle needed to want to jump into the series. He went from reading Henry and Mudge and Nate the Great to these novels thanks to the larger font and beautiful images on almost every page. I bought two copies, one to collect and one for the kids to read and love to pieces.

Free Dumbledore Copywork

The font used for this printable is the Logic of English cursive font, and is not intended to be used for handwriting instruction. Logic of English has a fabulous instructional program which breaks cursive down into it’s smallest parts and helps children find the Rhythm of Handwriting. Check it out, and then come back and use our copy work printables for extra practice!

Quotes from the Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling

The School LOE Cursive Font by David Occhino Design was used to creation this document.
Check out the Rhythm of Handwriting, for cursive instruction


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  1. I can’t tell you how extremely thrilled and thankful I am for these! They are exactly what I was hoping to find!

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