Homeschool in a Box {Learning about South Carolina}

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I was so excited when my friend Anne Marie from Future Flying Saucers proposed we do a box swap for the kids. The idea was that we would pack our boxes full of things to represent our homes, and send off a “virtual field trip” to each other. Anne Marie’s family lives in South Carolina, which is perfect for my crew, because these kids don’t remember living in the United States at all, other than there being a beach at our old home (in California). I asked Anne Marie to include typical “American” things along with stuff specific to her state, and she was so kind to oblige.

Homeschool in a Box- have a geography swap with friends!

The first thing we did when the box arrived was pour over the adorable book her and her kids put together for us . This book shows pictures of all the things you’d find in South Carolina. Things like beaches, and mountains, and swamps, and one adorable family! The pictures make South Carolina look heavenly!

First time trying sweet tea

I tried my hand at making Sweet Tea using Anne Marie’s recipe. The kids and I had never even tried it (much less made it!) and I am not sure I did it correctly. It may be an acquired taste! We did enjoy trying something new, and I will have to try the recipe again and maybe add more sugar!

One thing they put in the box was packaged cookies since I had told her I missed the Kebler cookies. They have added even more varieties of cookies since we left! We don’t have many varieties of anything in our stores here (you’ll find one type of cheese-its, not 16) so I was giddy at the new cookie types!


In the book they made us, we saw that Anne Marie’s family had gone apple picking, and they sent us a jar of homemade preserves. They were SO delicious. Hopefully I can talk Anne Marie into guest blogging over here to share her recipe!

Learn about South Carolina
Also included were a bunch of things with the symbols from the state. Her kids colored us the state quarters, and we spent the past month hoping to find one in circulation on base (no luck). We enjoyed learning all about South Carolina from My First Book About South Carolina. This book was awesome, and I am going to have to track one down for wherever we move next!

An american toy- slinkys!

The Slinky was the most popular thing in the box. Anne Marie included them because they were a fully American toy, and what do you know, my kids had never played with one before. It took a little while to figure out the logistics of how to make them work, but soon our three stories of stairs in the apartment were the perfect place to play!

We watched this video on how Slinky is made to round out our South Carolina/ USA study, thanks to Future Flying Saucers!

Do you want to see the Homeschool in a Box we sent Anne Marie’s family? Head over to Future Flying Saucers now to see, and leave her some love!

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  1. I love it! I’m from SC, too, currently in Kansas! If the tea is what’s in their cups in the picture, you didn’t brew it long enough. It should be darker. My kids don’t like tea, though, even sweet. Good luck! I love, love, love this blog! 🙂

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