Dragonfly Paper Craft

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Dragonflies are one of spring and summer’s most magical creatures! Today, we’re bringing you a simple and beautiful DIY activity that you can use to create your own pretty dragonflies at home. This craft is easy to do with kids of all ages, and makes a great summer afternoon project. This would also be a great hands-on craft to go with any kind of summer unit on nature or insects (like this one).

List of Supplies:

You’ll need just a few things to complete this craft at home! You’ll also want to use our free downloadable template to make this craft extra easy. You can get it from our online store by clicking the link at the bottom of this article! Otherwise, you will need:

1. Colored craft papers or card stock
2. Glitter foam sheets
3. Pencil
4. Scissors
5. Glue

How to Make It:

After you grab your printable template (at the bottom of this article) select the colors of craft paper and foam glitter sheets that you want to use for this craft (or even several, fun color combinations if you’d like to make some different ones!)  Use the template to trace and cut out the shapes from your craft paper and foam glitter sheets. The template includes:

  • Wing base (a pair of wings)
  • Teardrop patterns for the inner parts of the wings
  • 2 Antennas
  • 2 Small circles (eyes)
  • Body pattern

We used glitter foam for the smallest, tear-shaped parts of the dragonfly’s wings, but feel free to use it for other parts of your dragonfly if you like more glitter! Have fun being creative with it!

Next, take the base wing patterns and attach the larger teardrop cutouts inside, as shown in the photo below.

Then take the smallest  teardrop shapes (the ones we made from glittery foam) and attach them to the larger teardrop shapes. You should now have some beautiful wings!

Next you’ll work on the body of your dragonfly. First, attach the 2 antenna cutouts on the top of the body pattern. After that, you’ll glue on the two circles for the eyes, as shown.

Now, you simply put it together! Use glue to attach the body in the middle of the wing base to complete the dragonfly craft.

If you’d like, you can also pen or a colored pencil to add stripes, swirls, or other details to your dragonfly. When you are done creating your dragonflies, display them in a window where the light will reflect in its glittery wings! You may want to even make several and string them up as a pretty, decorative summer garland! Don’t forget to grab your printable template using the link below to make this craft even easier!

Click Here to Grab Your Dragonfly Wing Template 


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