Field Trip Friday: The Dinosaur Park, Kaiserslautern

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Happy Friday! This week flew by!

Visiting Dino Park

A couple months ago, someone had told me about “Dinosaur Park” near Kiaserslautern, Germany. I just knew I needed to take the kids this summer, and I am so glad we did. The park itself is large and beautiful, but the thing that makes it special are the full sized dinosaurs installed all over it.

Arriving at the park is a little like stepping into Dinotopia (one of my favorite books!). The dinosaurs are placed all over, so no matter where you go, there seems to be one watching you play. The park is defiantly meant for kids and long summer days.
Dino Creek There is a beautiful little creek, surrounded by trees and dinosaurs that runs through the park. The day we went was pretty crowded because it was HOT! But, the kids all just stripped down and jumped in. One of my favorite things about Germany is that they are very laid back, there were no signs or lifeguards or people telling you what to do (or what not to do)… just attentive parents and happy kids on a hot German summer day.

Dinotopia The dinosaur collection was impressive too. There were baby dinos, and full grown dinos, and signs in both German and English explaining what type they were, and other interesting facts. We had a blast looking around at the dinosaurs, and deciding which ones were the “cutest” babies.

It’s really just a wonderful, lazy day kind of place. I wish I could have climbed a tree to take a picture of the whole park. In addition to the dinos and the creek, there were multiple playgrounds, floor chimes hidden in the trees, and tons of places to explore. We really need to go back!

Field Trip Friday

If you’re local, The Dinosaur Park is open April-October. it’s mostly stroller friendly. You can pack a picnic bag, or they have an inexpensive brat/pretzel stand. The price is pretty inexpensive, and come prepared to pay for parking before you start the day, in change.  Go there soon!

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  1. This looks so fun! You’ve inspired my to have Field Trip Friday this year. We always do tons of “Field Trips” but I want to be sure that we have one every single Friday. It will help me stick to a routine !

    1. It’s my favorite thing about homeschooling. I really want my kids to experience the world- especially the magic and wonder of europe. This is a once in a lifetime chance to really SEE the castles and the history and the culture. Field Trip Friday ensures I won’t miss a second of that. Also, I have a problem of sometimes wanting to push the kids too far- I want focus and hard work. Field Trip Fridays ensure that they also have time to just enjoy being a kid. They soak up plenty of learning on adventures and it helps me stay laid back!

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