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Field Trip Friday: Martin Luther and Worms, Germany

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We strayed a bit from our roman studies to venture out to the city of Worms with some of the other local homeschoolers this week. We have a really active group, and I just love that people are always planning trips and adventures. It was really nice to be able to tag along with someone else and not worry about any of the details for once!

field tripIt’s great having Homeschool Friends!

Worms was beautiful. The town is well known for the “trial” in 1521, when Martin Luther stood before the Imperial Diet and said “Here I stand, I can do no other” instead of retracting his theology that salvation is through grace alone. He was then declared an outlaw by the Holy Roman Emperor.

Now, a large memorial stands in Worms commemorating this event.

martin luther

martin luther 2

martin luther (3)

martin luther (2)

Worms was beautiful to just wander around in. Even the little ones had fun! Mr. Man loved all the statues and carvings around the cathedral.


Mr. Man and the “Beast”


Little Miss was frozen, but loves to be rolled over cobblestone, so she was happy!

Field Trip Friday

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