Air Force Band Holiday Flash Mob 2014

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Living in the Washington DC area is proving to be the coolest thing ever. Seriously. There is so much to do in and around the city. Not only do we have free museums galore, we also have access to some of the coolest events.

A couple weeks ago, my family was fortunate to be in the right place and right time (okay, okay, a little bird tipped us off) to see the US Air Force Band Holiday Flash Mob in the flesh. Last year, I remember sitting down in Germany with my coffee to watch the YouTube video of the very first holiday flash mob they did… so it’s even cooler to say we got to attend this year.


In the flesh, the band is even more overwhelming and touching than the video makes it appear. The band starts in one place, with one person, and then before you know it, musicians are popping out everywhere- up on the balconies, on the stairs, all around you, until you are surrounded by the most overwhelming, beautiful music.


I knew the band was huge, but it wasn’t until they were playing from (what felt like) every corner of the museum until I knew just how big and awesome they are. I may have just been a tad hormonal and spent a good portion of the performance trying to not blubber at the sheer beauty of the whole thing.DSC_0554

Anyways- enough of my blabbering on about it (and enough of my lame pictures- it was a bit crowded and I couldn’t quite end up anywhere with a good shot!)…. watch the video for yourself. You won’t regret it!


You can see my family in a couple different spots in the video- the easiest way to find us is to play where’s waldo, and look for the very large pregnant woman in the white shirt (that’s me!) and Mr. Man is also on my shoulders at the end- he’s the cute little boy with the giant brown eyes.

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