Field Trip Friday: Biosphere House and Tree Top Path

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Daddy and Emmy

This summer, we’re trying to take advantage of the rare German sunshine, and spend as many Field Trip Fridays outside exploring nature as much as possible. This week, we headed to visit the Biosphere House and Tree Top Path in Fischbach, Germany.

I don’t remember how I heard about this place originally, but after visiting their website, I knew I had to take the kids there. This was Germany’s first Tree Top Trail, and is basically a path made by bridges through the trees.

DSC_0438 DSC_0442


The Trail was short, but fun. There were a couple things for the kids to climb, as well as a flat, wheelchair accessible portion of the path. Along the way were displays about bugs, birds, and bats, and a HUGE slide at the end.


Listening to Bat Sounds


The slide!

I will be honest, and say this is one of the first field trips that left me feeling a little disappointed. We drove 2 hours each way to visit it, but when we got there it was much smaller than I had anticipated. We have very similar things closer to our home. To top it off, Little Miss had an accident and I didn’t have a change of clothes for her, so we weren’t able to visit the Biosphere House museum at all (which I assume was where the educational conservation exhibits are).

Emmy's Smile

For no reason other than she’s super cute! 

If we lived closer, I would be happy to go back to see what we missed! The price was right (I think we paid 16 Euro total for my family of 5) so if you’re in the K-Town area, head on over to see it! More info at the Biosphere House and Tree Top Path website (in English!)

Field Trip Friday


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