Christmas Lights Pattern Pack

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Christmas Lights Pattern Pack

If you have young children in your homeschool, try this fun Christmas Lights Pattern Pack this year during the holidays!

Sometimes we want (or need!) a break from our regular school work during November and December, but our kids get bored if they don’t have some structured work to do. So make the most of the holiday season by including some fun holiday-related work in your days.

Christmas Lights Pattern

This printable pack includes 5 pages of Christmas Lights pattern practice. The first 3 pages are patterns that are ready to use with your children. The last 2 pages are cards with Christmas lights you can print on paper or cardstock, laminate, cut apart, and use over and over to create your own patterns and do your own activities with your children.

Teach Your Kids to Identify Patterns and Create Their Own Patterns

These pages are simple and easy to print, and they can be a fun way to work on teaching your kids the math skills of identifying patterns and creating their own patterns!

Why Teach Patterns?

  • First of all, teaching children about patterns is a great way to help sharpen their observation skills!
  • It’s good for helping to teach or reinforce one-to-one ratio.
  • And it’s great for helping kids learn to make predictions about what should come next.
  • All of these skills are important for everyday life, but they’re also important foundational skills that will be used to help kids learn higher-level math skills as they get older.

Ways to Use These Christmas Lights Patterns

1. Simply look at and identify the patterns with your children.

2. Say the names of the colors out loud to help your children better identify each pattern. This is great for all learners, but it’s especially helpful for auditory learners.

3. Use the cards (the last 2 pages of the printable pack) to create patterns or to have your children create their own patterns.

4. Let your kids teach you some patterns! Sometimes kids learn best and enjoy it more when they get to be the teacher! Let your children take turns creating their own patterns (even if there are only 2 or 3 lights in the pattern) for you to identify.

5. If your children aren’t quite old enough to create patterns for you to identify, don’t worry! You can use the cards you’ve printed and cut out to create shorter patterns for them to identify.

6. Cut apart the strips with ready-made patterns and use them as a matching activity. Just print each page (pages 1-3) twice (or 3 times), cut apart the strips, place them face down on the table (Don’t forget to mix them up!), and have your children choose 2 pattern strips to pick up and try to make a match.

7. Cover up one of the lights in a ready-made pattern strip. Place a copy of the same pattern strip beside (or underneath) it. Then have your child look at the complete pattern strip to tell you which color is covered.

8. For older children, have them look at and say the names of the colors in one of the ready-made patterns. Then see if they can repeat the colors in the pattern in order without looking!

You may have your own ideas for how to use this Christmas Light Pattern Pack! If so, please tell us in the comments below so others can give your idea a try.


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