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Garden Links Round Up Post

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It’s spring time! (Nope, it’s not summer until June 21. Spring. Don’t rush it people!). Turn the TV off, and head outside with the kids. If you need some suggestions for things to do out in the sunshine, check out these links to fun gardening activities for kids!

15 gardening activities for kids

How to Build a Snail Garden

DIY Newspaper Plant Pots

Big Seeds for Little Hands

Recycled Flower Art

Learning About Veggies

Earthworm Composting

How to Create a Garden for School Age Children

Making a Play Garden 

Homemade Bird Feeder

Fun Sunprint Ideas

Garden Birdhouses

Easy Water Container Gardens 

Decorating Planters

Garden Markers with Kids

DIY: Make Your Own Sensational Shoe Planters

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