Solar Eclipse Mini-Book

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It is so exciting for children (and adults!) when an eclipse happens–especially if you happen to live along the path of totality! Next time an eclipse occurs, you might want to use this simple Solar Eclipse Mini Book to record information and learn more about what’s happening.

If you’re not sure when to plan to use this resource, you can find out when eclipses will occur all over the world by going to You can search for both solar and lunar eclipses, and you can search by city to find out when an eclipse will be viewable in your area. You can also find more information on Wikipedia. Click here to find more information and dates about solar eclipses and click here for information and dates for lunar eclipses.

NOTE: This resource was created specifically with solar eclipses in mind. 


The top of the book is a spinner to show the phases of the eclipse.

On the back, tape or glue the book pages using the tab. There is a page to label the eclipse diagram as well as write a few lines explaining how the eclipse happens.

There is a US map, so you can draw the path of the eclipse as well as label your home state on the map.

You may want to use the blank inside of the book for journaling your experience if you’re able to see the eclipse in person. If not, you could use it to write what you think it would be like, to record what you see about it on television, or to do a creative writing assignment about something related to an eclipse. You could write about something like what it must have been like for ancient people to see an eclipse happen without knowing it was coming or what was happening! If you like, you can use a glue stick to glue lined paper in this blank space (Just be careful to glue the edges only so the brad will still spin.) or just write on the blank white space.


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