Why You Should Attend a Homeschool Conference

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Homeschooling can be isolating. When it comes to homeschooling; the voices whispering you should not homeschool your child seem to be louder than those saying you should. At a homeschool conference, you are in a safe, inspiring and motivating environment with other homeschool families that feel like you do. You will discover that you are not alone.

What are Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Classical Education, unit studies, unschooling, and Montessori? The choices between curriculums or no curriculums can be overwhelming and intimidating. You will find that attending a conference, allows you to speak directly to vendors, sample their curriculums, and get special offers. You can also attend different sessions that will help you with beginning homeschooling, requirements specific to your state and identify curriculums for your homeschool needs.

Once you decide on a curriculum, the next challenge is expense. Some conferences have a used resource sale where families donate gently used education materials, curriculum, and books for other families to purchase. We left our local conference with a year’s worth of curriculum for only $20.

Conferences are also great places for children. Teens are able to volunteer and assist with various needed roles. My teenager volunteered at the used resource sale unloading boxes, organizing material, and helping families locate resources. She was able to attend the teen volunteer pizza party and meet other teens with shared interests and experiences. Many conferences plan an art showcase, talent shows and family programs.

Feeling overwhelmed or tired? A homeschooling conference can help your family re-focus the reasons why your family chose homeschooling and return home confident in your abilities and resources for success.

We hope that you register for an upcoming homeschool conference and come back as energized and as ready as we are for the upcoming year.

Heading to a conference?
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Cynthia Giesecke is a first year homeschool educator for 9th grade. She is a military spouse of seventeen years and this is her tenth move. Currently she is living in Alexandria, Virginia. She fills her personal calendar with volunteering at her local spouses’ club as a scholarship co-chairperson and an issue specialist for the National Military Family Association (NMFA). She is a member of Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Homeschool Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) and VaHomeschoolers. She enjoys yoga for beginners, the occasional knitting project and every day reading. Follow Cynthia on Instagram @cynthia_giesecke.


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