Learning About World Biomes

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This week, the kids are going to be taking a closer look at world biomes and habitats. This pack is intended for preschool-third grade students.

World Biomes Printable Pack from Only Passionate Curiosity

The World Biomes Printable Pack Includes:

Word Wall with ‘Read and Write’ Copywork Cards
Biome Coloring
Biome Mini-Reports Worksheets

For these biomes/habitats:

Arid Desert
Coastal Desert
Temperate Forest
Tropical Rain Forest
Tidal Zone

Graphics by educlips, frames by scrappin’ doodles (License Here)

World Biomes Mini Reports

I am most excited about the mini-report section of this printable pack. On this page, your kiddos can look up the various biomes, either in a book or online, and then fill out the page. They’ll write down what they know about the biome, add the average temperature to the thermometer, shade in the location of the biome on the map, list animals that live there (and add the animals to the picture) and chart how much rainfall the biome typically gets (have them shade in, and label the test tube). It’s an easy mini-report to get them looking up information and documenting it in an organized way.

For the read and write cards, you’ll want to print them off and laminate them. You can either use the words in a word wall, or just leave them intact for copywork at the table.

Grab your World Biomes Printable Pack in our Shop!

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  1. I was sent here through homeschool giveaway and freebies and after being redirected a few times I find the pack is 2.50? Not a bad price I am sure, but I was told this was a freebie. Did I miss something? Thanks

    1. Hi Heather! Many of our printables are free for a limited time- not forever. We can’t control what other websites share, so the best way to make sure you never miss another free printable is to subscribe by email. 🙂

    1. Sarah- you should have received an “your order is complete” email- if you don’t see it, please check your spam folder. I’ll also re-send it right now just to be safe! Shoot me an email at heather (at) only passionate curiosity .com if you don’t see it!

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