Elementary Physics: Matter and Magnets

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We’ve been having a blast with our Nancy Larson Science 2 curriculum. This week we finished the first unit of the program, physics, which covered matter and magnets.

Describing Matter with Nancy Larson ScienceThis unit started with the most basic definitions of matter, and reviewed living and non-living…. and then we jumped in head first to how a physicist would classify matter. When I was trying to choose which level to start Bug on, I wasn’t sure if 2 would be right for him since he’s kind of a science loving kid. He’s done tons of reading and experimenting on his own, and I wanted to make sure he had enough information and challenge to stay interested in the program.

Science 2 has delivered for sure. Information is delivered in bite sized pieces he can read himself, but it covers an awesome amount of information. I’m pleased with how solid it is! Bug learned a ton of vocabulary in this unit, and covered everything from transparency, materials, texture, hardness, flexibility, luster, states of matter and buoyancy.

Experimenting with Magnets and Nancy Larson Science

Once he had all of that down, we explored magnets. Bug LOVED these lessons. He learned about magnetic poles, and experimented with moving objects with them. I loved watching his face light up as he realized a magnet could move something without even touching it because of the magnetic field it produces.

Magnetic poles and nancy larson scienceI’m still really enjoying teaching this program. It’s easy on me, and I really need easy right now. At the same time, it’s complete and challenging, which is what HE needs right now. He’s really getting a solid understanding of the terms and concepts. A few weeks ago, he sat down and had a full conversation with a man about describing matter. It was neat to see him be able to recall facts and definitions well enough to have a playful, intelligent conversation.

I’m so relived we found Nancy Larson Science. Looking back over Bug’s science notebook is so much fun. We covered a lot of ground in 20 lessons!

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