Create-A-Face Pumpkin Printable

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This creative printable is perfect for the Pre-K to Second Grade crowd. It’s a great October activity to get those little imaginations and brains excited and ready to learn!

Create a Face Pumpkin Pack

This Create-a-Face Pumpkin Printable Includes:

  • A “blank canvas” pumpkin picture (that’s just begging to be colored and decorated).
  • A huge variety of different face shapes to color and cut out.
  • A lined page where your child can write his/her pumpkin’s story.

How to Use It:

This fun activity is pretty simple to use! Give your child the blank pumpkin sheet and all of the choices for silly face shape options. Then let him or her cut out and color different shapes and paste them onto the pumpkin to build a totally unique pumpkin face!

Next, give your child the creative writing sheet and prompt him/her to tell the pumpkin’s story. Is the pumpkin your child created happy? Sad? Silly? Have your child use his or her imagination to come up with a story about why the pumpkin’s expression looks the way it does! If your child isn’t ready to write yet, act as a “scribe” and write the story down. Encourage your child to be descriptive as he/she tells you the pumpkin’s story.

Why We Love It:

We love this Create-a-Face activity because it’s a super fun and simple way to get your little ones creatively inspired! The crafting part of this pack naturally acts as a writing prompt that’s just the right length for young writers.

This activity can facilitate conversations about feelings and emotions too! Encourage your child to talk about how the pumpkin feels when he learns something new or when he behaves nicely. Or you can encourage your child to tell you how the pumpkin feels when it’s time to leave the park but she isn’t ready to go yet.

It can really be used in a variety of ways to suit whatever your learning goal is for the day! Click the link below to grab your Create a Face Pumpkin Pack!


Click here

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