Cloud Activity Set

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It’s springtime! And one thing that we know always comes with spring is a mixture of sunshine and sudden showers, right? The unpredictable weather patterns of spring make it the perfect season to do a study on clouds in your homeschool. Today we’re bringing you a printable Cloud Activity Set that you can use to teach your elementary (or even middle school) aged student/s about the various types of clouds and how they form!


Printable Cloud Activity Set

What’s Included in the Printable?

This printable Cloud Activity Set has 7 pages of interactive learning to teach kids all about different types of clouds and how they form! This printable includes:

  • Cards with the names, definitions, and illustrations of different cloud types

This Cloud Activity Set includes a full page of printable cards that include the names of different cloud types, descriptions of what each one looks like, and illustrations of each cloud type. After reviewing each of these with your child, you could:

  1. cut the cards out, mix them up, and see if your child can line them up in the correct order
  2. play go-fish with the cards
  3. create your own matching game with them
  • A page for weather tracing

One of the pages included has weather-related lines that kids can trace to practice fine motor skills (great for younger elementary ages).

  • A mini-assessment on cloud types

Once your child is fairly comfortable with understanding the different types of clouds, use the multiple-choice, mini-assessment page that’s included in this Cloud Activity Set to see how much he/she has learned!

  • A fill-in-the-blank page with a word bank

This printable also includes a fill-in-the-blank page that you can use to aid and assess comprehension. The word bank contains cloud-related words that you can teach as vocabulary/spelling words, too!

  • A page for making cloud-gazing observations

Of course, cloud gazing is a must when you are studying clouds! This observation sheet is perfect for kids to use as they categorize the cool clouds they see.

  • A chart for weather observations

A weather chart is also included for making observations about weather and cloud patterns over time!

  • An infographic that shows how clouds form

This Cloud Activity Set would not be complete without a helpful graphic that shows kids how/why clouds form. Laminate this one and keep it handy as you learn about clouds in your homeschool!

Grab your Cloud Activity Set by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Get Your Printable Cloud Activity Set

This would be a great activity set for elementary, or even middle school-aged, students! We hope you and your child(ren) have a blast using this Cloud Activity Set in your homeschool to explore the world of clouds together. Once your kids learn about the different types of clouds, chances are good that they will think about what they’ve learned every time they cloud-gaze!

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