Mother Goose Monday: Preschool Pirates

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We’re still exploring “Treasure Island” with Little Miss and her Mother Goose Time curriculum this month.

This week, we actually lost a “school day” by getting carried away with our Mother Goose Time fun. . . but I am pretty sure this is the kind of stuff summer is all about. The weather here was a little cloudy and windy this week, so we spent a day indoors keeping cool with the windows open.


Little Miss had a little “Treasure” collage craft. We took the pre-printed treasure box, and then she added stickers, used a glue stick to add “diamonds” (sequins) and even added glitter to make it really shine. Considering she is 100% girly and loves all things shiny, this was right up her alley.

DSC_0301 DSC_0306Can I just tell you I have a bit of a love for anything that includes stickers? They are so good for practicing her fine motor pinching skills, and don’t involve any mess (ha! as long as stickers stay on the paper).


Once she was happy with the amount of “Treasure” in her box, we practiced counting. She’s getting very good at counting up to 10 these days. If you ask her, she can count to “19” but it sounds a lot like “8… 9…. 10….. p…. q…. 19!” I’m pretty proud of 10.

DSC_0321 DSC_0327

When she was done with the treasure chest, Mr. Man decided what she really needed to be able to play was a “cave” of her own, made out of furniture and blankets to play in.


And that’s how we lost the rest of the day. The kids played pirates and treasure hunted all afternoon, until Daddy came home to find a huge mess, and rolled his eyes at us.


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