Weekly Wrap Up {Week 6}

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To be honest, this week I really needed a win. This school year was feeling a little out of hand and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. It hasn’t really been about school as much as it’s just been about…. life. There is something about this time of year- the chill in the air, the leaves changing- it just leaves me with a sense of…. longing I guess. Hubby has been traveling a lot, and he’s my rock. I’m homesick for him, and I am homesick for the states and life being just a little bit easier. I’ve been trying to do all the things he does, like the laundry, and home cooked meals, on top of the things I do well. I’ve been trying really hard to make things perfect around here, but the truth is, it’s never going to be perfect, especially when it’s just me.

Even if I just focus on school, Homeschooling isn’t something that I will ever do perfectly. I’ve been trying so hard. Too much trying leads to feeling like I am drowning. This just isn’t the season of my life to expect to have everything together all the time. I have a toddler. I have kids who need me. I have a full time job with this blog. I have a lot on my plate, and this week, I realized that it’s okay for life to be beautifully imperfect.

I got the win I wanted this week. And I got the win by letting go.

Here’s how it went down:

Mr. Man:

I have to start with telling you about this Little dude. Y’all know he is my challenge. Well, you probably don’t really know because most of you have never met him in real life. But this kid is really, seriously, a challenge. I worry about him all the time, and this week, I got not one, but two complements on his behavior in a 24 hour period. His dance teacher said that this week, he was focused and dancing like a stud. Then, at the school, one of the staff told me that he ate his entire lunch without complaints. This has never happened, and I am just walking on air.

DSC_0622The Rock Star

Even better, at home, he was hardworking all week. I pulled out our handy Math-U-See manipulatives to work with him on his math facts. He doesn’t normally have much of an attention span for seat work, but this week he managed to really get down his number pairs up to 10. It was just amazing! Now if I could get him to write his own name instead of the number of names he decides to go by on his papers (this week, he was Simba, Tarzan, Spiderman, and Joe)

DSC_0726 Bug:

Oak Meadow was really a home run this week. It’s our last week learning about Native American cultures, and I am actually really bummed to be moving on. It’s been really interesting, and I loved the focus on the myths. We took the week to really review the times tables because next week he’s going to work on multiplication with money (he finished the chapters on addition and subtraction of money last week) and I wanted to make sure all the facts were solid in his head.

DSC_0593One of his Main Lesson Book entries- spider woman

DSC_0627Playing a Hopi guessing game

DSC_0638Creating spelling words with playdough

DSC_0787Learning about precipitation and the water cycle

Some fun together:

DSC_0778 DSC_0777Little Miss:

She’s just been a total doll this week. She’s feeling a little under the weather so we’ve had lots and lots of cuddling. She also has fallen in love with the boy’s recorders. I am supposed to be teaching them recorder with some books I got from Oak Meadow but I am having a hard time learning it myself. Little Miss steals them every chance she gets and runs around the house playing it. I am hoping soon to start making real music with them, but in the meantime she makes really beautiful noise with them.

DSC_0378And then of course, there was the field trip this week. It was just a beautiful, low key week. We do have a couple fun reviews running right now too, which I will tell you all about in the next couple weeks. The house is an amazing mess, but we’re all happy and well rested, and this week, Hubby comes home for a little bit. I can’t wait, and am sure that next week’s wrap up will be even better!


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