Weekly Wrap Up! Our First Full Week of School

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This week was our first full week in a new routine. I was really worried about having so much on my plate, but I have to tell you, I don’t think we have ever had a week go this smoothly!


MathNot sure if he’s thinking, or daydreaming!

Math: He started Singapore Standards 3B this week. He learned how to measure using meters and centimeters, how to estimate, add and subtract these measurements in mixed quantities. We’re both relieved to have a break from long division for the week, although I am sure it will be coming up again this semester. This week we also started with the Challenging Word Problems book, and we plan on really hitting word problems hard this school year. Tomorrow, we add in kilometers as well to the mix, and he has a test for meters and centimeters.

Language ArtsLots of hard work from Moving Beyond the Page- I LOVE these units!

Language Arts: This week we started at the beginning with Logic of English Essentials. He already has worked through it once, but in the past, we focused on reading and phonics, and this time, he’ll be doing the whole thing. So, this week we did chapter one, learned about nouns, singular and plural, and also went over the part of speech of all our spelling words. We’ve done basic grammar, and I think he’s ready to get a little more in depth this year.

We started a new Literature unit this week also. He read the first two chapters of “Morning Girl” with me- He’s a fantastic reader, but I’ve noticed he is a speed reader/skimmer- he’s doing great when he reads to himself, so now we’re working on the separate skill of reading aloud with emotion, proper pacing, and clarity. For “Morning Girl,” I read the paragraph, then he would read the same selection, paying close attention to the nuances of reading aloud. It took us longer to get through than when I just send him off to do his assigned reading, but I think it’s going to really help him.

“Morning Girl” is a Moving Beyond the Page unit, so along with it he did some research on the Bahamas, drew the flag, and we read the picture book, “Voices in the Park.” It’s a neat little story, and we used it to learn about point of view- which lead to a really good conversation about conflicts he has with his siblings and how sometimes its a difference of perspective causing the issues.

Corn Husk DollsEvaporation experiment

Oak Meadow Grade 3: This week, we started learning about Native American culture, and creation stories from Native American tribes. Bug illustrated a story, and wrote a paragraph summary. Then, we made corn husk dolls and talked about how Cherokee kiddos would play with them. For science, we started an experiment on evaporation. We boiled water and talked about steam, and then measured the same amount of water in two different containers- an open plate, and a narrow jar. Now, we are watching to see which evaporates first. Bug hypothesized that the plate will evaporate first because it’s the one with the bigger exposure to the air.


Other Stuff: This week Bug also worked on his Latin, and is really getting good at remembering his vocabulary. He also had his first dance classes of the year, and attended PE, Music and Spanish at the local school. Tomorrow, we are going to do an ocean watercolor project, and keep on keeping on with everything else! We all went to swim lessons, and at the end of an hour, he learned to float, started swimming, and can now swim on his back across the pool!

Mr Man

Mr. Man:

Mr. Man had a rough week. He started his new routine of two hours at the school for specials, lunch and recess each day and the poor kid is just SO wiped out. Somehow, I don’t have any pictures of him this week, because we did school at the park all week while Bug was in class, and of course I didn’t tote my camera…. and then the rest of the time, he was sleeping. He’s been napping and was in bed tonight at 6. It’s crazy. Next week, I am hoping we’ll have a better routine for him so he’s not so tired, because I really like him to be able to do our hands on activities (like the science experiments and corn husk dolls) with us.  I feel really bad that I don’t have the pictures or work to prove that he worked hard this week, but I promise, he did!

Things Baby Did

Little Miss:

She’s now two. She breaks things, cries a lot, and has my heart turned to the biggest pile of mush ever. This week, she loves her baby doll, is exploring the idea that she can feed herself, and has wasted 3 half gallons of milk through various mishaps. I can no longer pee alone (not like I ever really could, but I had the illusion of the ability there for a while) otherwise she wastes more food. 1-IMG_0408Signing in at School

And an update on EVERYTHING ELSE! 

I went to the open house at the public school this week since the kids are taking specials, and I am so glad I did. I left knowing I was doing the right thing. In Bug’s case, his teacher was wonderful and kind, but I knew when I saw the books they were using and the kinds of displays on the wall that it wasn’t the right place for him. I have a gifted kid here, and he would be really bored if I mainstreamed him at this point. I think I made the right choice putting him in for specials for sure, and I know he’ll learn and grow a ton… but I was so glad to leave knowing I wasn’t messing him up and he was right on track! I did notice that his penmanship could be better, so we are adding in more copywork in manuscript, on top of the cursive copywork he does.

Talking to Mr. Man’s teacher was like a breath of fresh air. He is fabulous, and were I not to love our field trips and homeschooling so much, I know Mr. Man could thrive in his class. I admit I have been nervous about this arrangement because I feel a little like we are “milking the system.” I was worried the school wouldn’t want us there, but he was so reassuring that he was there for Mr. Man, and wanted the best for him. He said I could ask if I ever struggled with teaching something, or wanted to bounce ideas off him, and just made it very clear that he had an open door and was happy we were there, even if it was just a fraction of the day!

The school has just been fantastic for us, and I couldn’t be happier with how our first full week back went! I was able to get more done without both kids competing for my time, and both kids learned more- it was just awesome. It’s wonderful to know my community supports the things I am doing with the kiddos, and just wants the best for all of us. I couldn’t ask for better. I’m tired from all the running around and commitments, but I just know this is going to be the best year yet!

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