Art for Kids Made Simple: Fine Arts Pages {Review and Giveaway}

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I love Art. I love to sit in a museum and just take it in. The little strokes, and small details, the colors and the textures just make me so….. happy. As I am raising these little people of mine, I want so badly to teach them to love Art, and see beauty in the world around them.

Fine Arts Pages Review- Teach about art the easy way

The Fine Art Pages from Classical Composers make introducing children to art easy.

What are the Fine Art Pages

Fine Art Pages are the new collection from Classical Composers. When you purchase their collection, you are given access to the members area where you can download (and re-download) your collection.

The pages themselves are single sheet 8-10, with an image of the art on the top half, and facts about the artist and the work on the bottom half. The information on each painting includes the artist name, painting title, where and when it was painted, the technique used, and an interesting fact about the artist or painting. The pages are very simple, and clean, with just enough information for little children.

The first collection covers:

Mona Lisa
Starry Night (van Gogh)
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (Seurat)
The Scream (Munch)
Portrait of Dora Maar (Picasso)
Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio)
Apple and Oranges (Cezanne)
The Great Wave (Hokusai)
The Son of Man (Magritte)
Surprised! (Rousseau)
Yellow-Red-Blue (Kandinsky)
The Maids of Honor (Velazquez)
Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer)
The Kiss (Klimt)
Hunter in the Snow (Brueghel)
The Fighting Temeraire (Turner)
Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (Renoir)
The Water Lily Pond (Monet)
Self Portrait (Rembrandt)
The Arnolfini Portrait (Van Eyck)
Number 6 (Pollock)
A Bar at the Floies-Bergere (Manet)
Dancers in Blue (Degas)
Nafea Faaipoipo (Gauguin)
Ophelia (Millais)

How did we use them?

The neat thing about these Fine Art pages is that you really don’t have to do anything with them. The author suggests simply hanging them up where your child can see them. Children who can read will read the small amount of information and learn about the artist and painting, and younger children can simply admire the art. This allows your children a chance to become familiar with the art work without you really needing to do much with them.

I added ours to our Circle Time wall, and each morning we reviewed the information on the Fine Arts Page. I have been switching out the art about once a week. The kids are remembering the names and artists in the paining, and it’s become a memory work exercise in our home. Each morning Bug reads the information on the page, and Mr. Man and Little Miss are just enjoying looking  at the pretty images and are soaking up the information from their brother.

I thought the images selected were a good representation of various types of art. It’s a wonderful mix.

In a Nutshell

These simple pages make introducing your children to Fine Art easy. They include information on the artists name, where and when the art was created, the materials and technique, and an interesting fact about the artist or painting. They are easy to use, and are child sized. They are appropriate for children in elementary school. They are a fantastic tool for art recognition and appreciation.

Check out the free samples from Classical Composers, and tell me what you think!

Enter to Win!
I’m thrilled to be partnering with Classical Composers to bring you this giveaway for their Fine Arts Collection 1. If you win, you’ll receive their first set of Fine Arts Pages (a 14.95 value) for free! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below!


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