An Awesome Deal on Supercharged Science

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Remember a couple of months ago when I reviewed Supercharged Science? (no? read it here!) I thought this program was super cool, and we had SO much fun learning about magnetism and electricity with it. This week, Educents has a flash deal for their DVD curriculum!

It includes 4 DVDs, with a full 12 week course on each. You get:

Biology and Microscopes

I have used the Electricity and Magnetism units, and was so impressed with both the reading material, the video instruction, and the super fun experiments. This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s real science, and it’s easy.


Anyways, you can pick the DVD’s up for 94 dollars, which is a killer deal considering how much a one month subscription to the online website it. I am grabbing a copy while the sale is on!

If you want to try it for free, they also have a deal for 5 free lessons. You can’t loose with this one.

Hope this helps you save a little money on Science this year!

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