The Working Homeschool Mom

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Welcome to our week-long series on “Real Life Homeschooling!”

Real life has changed quite a bit here in the last month. I went from being home every day with the kids (which I loved) to spending a good chunk of my day in an office (which, not surprisingly, I also love).


My home away from home- it could use a few more personal touches, but it’s well on its way!

I have been extremely blessed to have found a wonderful job. The job itself is in social media, which is perfect for me. (A small tangent- see, blogging really can count on a resume and get you a job! This blog is what landed me the position. Well, the knowledge I gained from writing, growing, and running this blog that is… hmm, that may need it’s own blog post in the future.)

Anyways- Social Media. So, I am doing things like managing the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. I get to chit chat with people and work with my co-workers to package information into interesting, easy to understand tidbits. I get to make graphics, and talk, and attend events, and pretty much just have a grand ‘ole time. I’m a social person by nature, so this is a perfect fit.


So far, I love the job. I’ve only been there two and a half weeks, but I already feel at home. The other gals on the communications team have gone above and beyond to help me feel at home, and while much of the lingo is new, I actually feel like I know what I am doing. I feel like I have been doing a good job so far, and other than being a bit overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of work that needs to be done, it’s all going great. The job is kind of the coolest thing in the world because it’s helping the coolest people in the world (military families) and it’s amazing to just sit down in a room and hear people talking about the issues that I personally have noticed and struggled with during my time as a military spouse.

My new job is pretty sweet. Just sayin’

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And, things like this happen. This is the real press room, at the Pentagon. I got to go to other places in the building as well, but those are secret. Shhhh. 

I have struggled a bit with missing the kids, but that part was to be expected. The good news is, my hours away from home are early, and they are short, so when I get home, there is plenty of daylight left. I found care providers I love (and the kids love them too) so leaving them is getting easier as easier as we all get to know each other better.

The office is full of other Moms who get it, which really helps too. For the first week or so, I teared up anytime anyone asked me about Peanut, but even when I ugly cried, my coworker just said that she understood, and it will get better. Having a boss who understands is key. Sometimes, working while also being a mom to a houseful of kids is the biggest pain in the you-know-what because the back-up to the back-up sitter just canceled or someone is puking yet again. At least with this job I know they are willing to work with me when the occasional crisis hits.

And, that’s about it for me and the job.

Blogging 101 tells you that in order to be successful, you have to know what you are talking about. And if you aren’t an expert in your field, you have to at least appear to be one so people will actually come and read. Blogging is about helping people and sharing information and having a clue.

Ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t a clue. Not a single one.

Not when it comes to being a working homeschool mom.


What I do have is spunk.

I know I can do it. I will do it. And I am going to rock it.

Being a working homeschool mom is going to be hard. It just is. I know that. You know that. My Momma knows that (but bless her heart, she hasn’t said a darn thing to me other than the Mom equivalent of “Get it, Girl!”)

I can’t offer you a tried-and-true “how to work and homeschool.” I don’t have that yet.

The Working Homeschool Mom


What I have to offer you this week are my plans for making this work.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the curriculum changes we are making. Also on the agenda is scheduling when you have no time, organizational tools, hacks for the morning and evening routine, and, (just because I am honest like that) a post all about the pitfalls, roadblocks, and a fair amount of what my husband calls “what if worms had machine guns” irrational worries.

Come back tomorrow, and read more. You know you wanna.

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  1. Congrats! I also work (part-time). I’m sure you’ll do great. You are very good at what you do. I look forward to hear about your adventures with integrating work and homeschool.

  2. As a mom working two jobs who has been trying to figure out how to make homeschooling work your new job is an answer to my prayers! I can’t wait to see how you manage and whether any of your tricks will work in my life. I knew I was led to your blog for a reason.

  3. Well, I will be watching this carefully. I have to go to work. I won’t love it. I will miss my kids forever. I will not get used to it. It will not get better. It will mean missing huge parts of my children’s lives that can never be replaced. But it is not a choice, so, I will be looking for ways to be successful.

    1. Big hugs from this Mama to you.
      I’m not going to lie- I felt just like you when I first realized that going back to work needed to happen. But, in my case, right when that happened, a job that made it easier just fell in front of me. I will keep hoping the same thing happens for you- that if this is something you MUST do, that the right job comes along, working with the right people, for the right cause. If something is meant to be, it will work out.
      I do miss my kids terribly. I do miss the way things were. But I am trying my hardest to make the most out of it, because I have to do what I have to do and there just isn’t a way around it. So far, with a good attitude, and a lot of help from family and friends, things are coming together.
      You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, Jane.

  4. Girl, you are an answer to prayer! I work full time outside the home and am winging this too. I worked for the Department of Veteran Affairs for 20 years and the folks in/out the military are dear to my heart. We have to chat sometime!

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