Mother Goose Monday: Changes!

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This week has been HUGE for changes.


Our “Big” Girl

My Little Miss decided it was finally time to ditch the diapers (after more than a year of ME trying and pushing and hoping that she would potty train).


She just woke up one morning, marched in my room with a pair of Big Girl Undies, said “these are pretty for me!” and that was that.


I wasn’t about to argue, but that also meant that most of our plans for the week were scrapped as I spent every 15 minutes or so for the first couple days running back and forth to the potty with her.


Luckily, today marks the second full day in a row without a single accident, and I feel pretty confident that she is really, truly, finally potty trained.


And, it’s a little bittersweet. Which is terrible! My baby girl is no longer a baby.


She’s BIG.


And she’s reading simple words.


And she’s making beautiful art.


And she’s growing leaps and bounds.

Fall leaves art project for preschoolers

The theme for Mother Goose Time this week was “How do I track changes?” and covered meteorologists, daylight, migration, changing leaves, and hibernation. We didn’t get to use the program as fully this week as I like due to our HUGE progress on potty training, but we still made time for crafts! The craft featured in this post was an awesome way to not only teach the kiddos about leaves changing, but color mixing, too. For this project, we first reviewed the color orange (which happens to be the color of the month over here) and then we took a little walk outside to admire the leaves in our neighborhood. Our area is really beautiful right now, so Little Miss was able to see all sorts of colors. Then, we talked about how leaves change from green to their pretty fall colors, and read our Read and Find Out science book on the topic. 

After that, we settled into the craft, and I gave her a little red and yellow paint to experiment with. She mixed and mixed and made some beautiful colors, and then started painting her pretty green leaf with “fall colors.” The older she gets, the more detail oriented she is becoming, so she made sure to “change” every last bit of green on her leaf. 

MGT Blog Transparent

Coming up next month, Rainforest Adventure! 

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