All About Beans–Life Cycle Unit Study

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Are you planning on teaching science this year to your kids? This unit study on the life cycle of beans may be just what you need!

Unit studies offer a neat way to present topics to your students. They allow students the chance to dig deep into a subject by using activities, worksheets, and journaling pages. It’s always fun to see how the kids open up with each new page of the study.

The newest unit study in the OPC store is on the life cycle of beans!

Mixed beans

Life Cycle Unit Study Preview Pages

This 17-page unit study combines full-color worksheets and fun activities to help your students learn more about one of the most well-known veggies. Cut and paste practice, coloring pages, labeling practice, and journal pages round out this fun study which is geared for 1st- 4th graders! Download your own copy in the OPC store today!

Download the entire unit study below!

Green Bean Cabbage Salad Recipe

While you’re in the mindset of discovering more about the life cycle of a bean, why not try an easy new bean salad recipe with your kids? This is definitely a kid-friendly recipe and a perfect one for those hot summer days! Click HERE (or the pic below) for the full recipe over on Hip Homeschool Moms!!

Additional Plant Study Printables

As a supplement to the life cycle of the bean plant study, our Plant Cells Printable Pack is also available for download. This one is geared for older children (5th grade +), but can be used with younger kids with your guidance. Click the graphic to grab your copy!

Edible Cell Project

One last activity for your unit study–an edible cell project using cookie dough–how can you go wrong?!! Check it out HERE and below!

Until next time, Happy Learning, my friends!

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