How to Teach with a Toddler Underfoot: Our Top 10 Educational Toys for Toddlers

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Yesterday I talked a little bit about our Buddy System, and how I have our days planned out with each of the boys having one on one time with their little sister. Part of why this system works comes down to the fantastic educational toddler toys we have collected over the years for the kids. These are our top 10 educational toys for toddlers- I hope you find something you haven’t heard of to keep your little ones busy!

  The Ten Best toys for your toddler- there are some great ones here!


These strange building blocks are the best investment I’ve made for Tot/Preschool toys. They are stacking toys that can be arranged in many different ways. They are sturdy enough to not frusterate little builders, but also have a challenge factor to keep them entertained. We’ve had our set for about 6 months now, and none of the kids are sick of them. I love that this starter set of wedgits comes with the base board and the design cards. I laminated ours and put them on a ring, so I can show Little Miss a picture, and she can build it (especially good for Buddy time with Mr. Man!).



Of course, Lego made the list. Lego makes every list! We’ve had the same Duplo set since Bug was a tot. They hold up, and provide endless hours of building play. The kids love to “make cakes” with this set, and pretend that the flowers are candles. Little Miss loves stacking them independently, and loves playing with the boys bigger creations too.


Lacing toys (Melissa and Doug)

Little Miss LOVES to “sew”. Her lacing toys get tons of use, and I love this Melissa and Doug set because they are thick wooden pieces that can stand a little abuse. I tried the whole printable laminated lacing thing, but Em quickly was frustrated at the bending paper. These are sturdy and just the right size for little hands so they can be used over and over again.


Play Food- To Cut and Match

Another winner from Melissa and Doug. This food takes imaginary play to the next level. The pieces are put together with velcro, and Em uses the little wooden knife to “cut” the pieces apart. She then matches them together. Good for motor skills, color recognition and problem solving.


Latch Board

Okay, so I am a Melissa and Doug addict. But have you seen this latch board toy? I mean really- it’s AMAZING for fine motor skills. Sure, you could make your own from the hardware store, but that takes a lot of work. This has a bunch of different locks and doohickeys for your little one to manipulate and learn to open. It’s fantastic, and will hold their attention. But don’t get mad at me when your child learns to unlock your door. Life skills AND fun!


Stacking Pegs

These pegs have been around for forever, and there is a reason why. Little ones love to stack things, and these chunky pegs with their sturdy foam board are just what you need for a curious, stack happy toddler. I like this small set because it doesn’t take much to make my crew happy and it’s just what we need without the clutter.



LeapFrog Letter Factory

So it’s not a toy, it’s a video. This video taught all my kids the very basic phonics with no effort on my part. Pop that bad boy in, and your little one will be singing “The S says SSSSSSSSSSSSSS” all day long. If they get into Harvard, I am pretty sure its because this video taught them to read at two years old. You get three DVDs and Flash Cards with this set for a crazy good price. Just get it, and thank me later!



Alphabet Plan Toys

This alphabet puzzle combines cute pictures with letters your child can touch, feel and manipulate. They can match the letters to the cards, practice animal sounds, and build simple words. I love a toy that grows with your child, and this one definitely will!

Geometric Stacker

Melissa and Doug strikes again! This stacker takes the typical baby toy to a whole new level. There are lots of different shapes for your toddler to explore, and the stacker on the far left even has the added puzzle element due to the shape of the stacker blocks. Little Miss will stack for HOURS, and I have plans to use this toy for attribute lessons as she grows.


EeBoo Games

I love all the EeBoo products I own. They are sturdy, and made to be herloom pieces. They pictures and colors are just stunning. This particular set is wonderful for tots, because it can be played as traditional dominos, but also is fun for counting, matching, and building. I love how bright and happy this set is!


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  1. Wedgits sound interesting and not something that I’m familiar with. We found that Brio/other compatible pieces of wooden train set have kept our little one happy for hours. In the last year, so he has been about four, we have also brought the old plastic meccano which has proved a great investment. Sadly, it is only available second hand.

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