Super Heroes Math

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If you have young super heroes who are learning to identify and write numbers 1-20, today’s Super Heroes Math printable pack is for you! It includes 21 pages of number practice including one page to use for writing numbers 1-20. It also includes individual pages for practicing writing each number multiple times (to help improve muscle memory and make writing each number from memory easier) and to practice identifying that number from a group of numbers.

Why We Love Them:

These cards can be laminated so you can use them over and over. After all, most children will remember how to write and identify their letters best with a little practice each day.

How to Use Them:

  • First, you can use them the obvious way. Have your child use these laminated cards to practice writing a number or two each day. After tracing a number, have her try to identify the letter she just practiced from the selection of numbers in the bottom right corner of each page.
  • Use the tracing guide (that shows how to trace each letter) as a guide for having your child use his finger to trace the number being practiced on a surface such as on sandpaper or in shaving cream in a pan.
  • Have your child use the guide showing how to trace each number to “paint” the numbers on the sidewalk with a paintbrush dipped in water.
  • Or your child can write the numbers on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk.
  • Or how about having your child use what he has learned to write each number on a notecard (one number per card) and then line them up in numerical order?
  • Once your child has mastered identifying and tracing the numbers in order, work on one-to-one ratio by having the child match, for example, 8 pennies to the number 8 on the notecard.
  • Have your child use the notecards (along with the physical items he/she used for 1:1 ratio) to identify more or less and greater than or less than when comparing two notecards.
  • Practice addition for beginners. Have your child choose two notecards that she wrote. Have her match physical items to both of the numbers. For example, if she chose numbers 7 and 4, have her place 7 counting bears on the number 7 and 4 bears on the number 4. Then (together, if necessary) count the total number of bears to get the sum.
  • Practice subtraction for beginners. Have the child choose two notecards and identify which number is larger. (Do this using physical items as in the previous activity.) If the child chose, for example, the numbers 5 and 2, have him make a stack of 5 counting bears and then remove 2 bears from the stack to see that 3 bears are left.


We hope you and your little super heroes enjoy your math practice using these printable pages and the additional ideas found here.

Click this link to download your own copy of these Super Heroes Math cards!


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