Pumpkin Ten Frame Addition

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Okay, so today’s printable is seriously cute. It’s perfect for young children who are practicing tens facts. It will help your kids get faster and faster (and better and better) at them because it will make practice so much more fun! You’ll want to print this one on cardstock and laminate the pieces if you’re hoping to use it more than once (or to use it with more than one child). Cut out all the pieces, and get ready for some serious math fun.

You’ll need to use some sort of manipulative with this pack. I am partial to candy pumpkins myself (If you think they’re gross, that’s ok! There will be more for me! Haha!), but you could also use these tiny acrylic pumpkins, counters, beans, or anything really. (But go with the candy; math is more fun with candy.) You’ll need to be sure to give your child more than 10 candies in case you and your child (accidentally…) eat some of the candies as you work.

Have your child choose one of the formula cards and then use the pumpkins to fill in the ten frame and solve the problem. Your child will probably want to do this multiple times just so he or she can play with the candy. If I were you, I would firmly insist that your child share with the teacher! 🙂

Sharing is caring!

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