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Okay, so today’s printable is seriously cute. Little Miss has been using it all week to practice her tens facts, and she’s getting faster and faster at them. You’ll want to print this one on cardstock and laminate the pieces if you’re hoping to use it more than once (or use it with more than one child). Cut out all the pieces, and get ready for some serious math fun.

You’ll need to use some sort of manipulative with this pack. I am partial to candy pumpkins myself, but you could also use plastic pumpkins, or counters, or beans or anything really (but go with the candy, math is more fun with candy). I made the mistake of only giving her 10 candies to start… clearly you need more than that if you’re going to be eating them as you work. 🙂 Is this considered a homeschool mom fail?

Have your child choose one of the formula cards, and then use the pumpkins to fill in the ten frame and solve the problem. Little Miss likes to take her time on this step and fill in the ten frame just so. I think she mostly just wants the extra time to play with the candy – she also tries to sweet talk me into letting her eat the remaining pumpkins! She may or may not get her way if she shares her candy with the teacher!

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