An Easter Basket Without All The Candy

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I can’t believe it’s time to think about Easter already! Wasn’t it Christmas like yesterday? I suppose I have been in a bit of a fog with the new baby, but all of a sudden, the snow has melted, and the flowers are starting to bloom.

It’s time to plan. You can call me a Grinch, but I don’t love to give the kids candy. I learned the hard way when the kids were tiny that candy leads to cavities, and those things are expensive! This year, we’re aiming for Easter baskets without all the candy! I want to spoil the kids and give them something they are really going to love (after all, it’s been a long hard winter on all of us adjusting to the new baby- they do deserve a special treat!)

Cut Back on the Candy this year!

For the kid’s Easter baskets this year, I decided to go with a theme. Little Miss is getting a Disney Princess basket with all sorts of girly goodies, and the boys are both getting Marvel Avengers baskets.

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The Disney Easter stuff is spread out in the special Easter section of the store. In my Walmart at least, it’s all mixed in with the other Easter goodies. There are tons of wonderful items to choose from, but go early so you can get dibs on the best stuff! I was surprised that people had already started buying out the fun themed stuff.

I’ll admit, this shopping trip took me way longer than it probably should of, because I was totally overwhelmed with all the options. I almost swapped out the Princess goodies for FROZEN, Doc McStuffins or Sophia the First, and I had to get the boys some of the Marvel stuff for their baskets! By the end of the trip, my cart was full, and I had to take a second to sort it all in the aisle to see what would make the final cut for the kids.

securedownload (1)

How I try to decide what I am going to bring home for the kids- I had to lay it all out so I could choose! 

I came home with probably way more than I should have gotten, but in the end, it was perfect to make some awesome baskets for the kids! There are so many good non-candy treats at Walmart to put into the basket. I ended up with:

  • Action figures
  • A Disney Princess doll
  • Princess Chapstick
  • Grab and Go packs with stickers, coloring sheets, crayons, and stencils
  • Foam craft kits to make characters
  • And, um, a small amount of pre-stuffed candy eggs because they were cute!

DSC_0055 DSC_0061

You can put a ton of non-candy items in a basket. Other ideas include:

  • School supplies (pencils, crayons, rulers, stickers, fun craft items)
  • Hair ties and bows
  • Tooth brushes
  • Socks
  • Dress up shoes
  • Small Toys

I also added in some homemade goodies to Little Miss’ basket. After all, what is a Princess basket without a special crown to top it off? I put together this adorable Easter egg crown for her to wear at the egg hunts in town and while we celebrate at home.

Easter Egg Crown

Making your own is easy, all you need to do is grab a bag of the smallest plastic eggs you can find, and some ribbon. Use a power drill to make a small hole in either end of the eggs (if they don’t already have a hole, mine came pre-drilled!), and then string them together until you have enough to make a crown big enough for your child’s head. Then, tie the ends together, and add additional ribbon for a pretty finishing detail.

That’s that! I let Little Miss model her crown for me early, but the rest of these goodies are going to be a fun surprise Easter morning.

DSC_0072 DSC_0077

There are many themed Easter goodies available to choose from at Walmart including FROZEN, Disney Princesses, Disney Junior, Star Wars and Marvel Avengers. Look for candy-free options in Grab and Go packs!

Do you have any fun, non-candy ideas for your Easter baskets this year?

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  1. That Easter egg crown is SO CUTE! I’ve never seen anything like that before! I’m for certain going to make one for my daughter, because this is a really fantastic idea! Looks like you’re going to have some super spoiled kids on Easter morning! 🙂 #client

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