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Speaking of free- German for Kids (and me too!)

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Someone shared this with me today and it’s too good to not get its own post!

German, French and Spanish lessons

I watched the first German lesson today, and am so excited to work on this with the kids. I’ve been talking to a very nice German woman online and we are supposed to meet up on friday to head to the Christmas market with her and her daughter. I would really, really like to be able to speak to her without making a fool of myself, or making her speak english the entire time (although she is very good!). So far, I only know basic phrases, and I really doubt I’ll be able to even use those properly in conversation, but maybe if we watch these videos a couple of times, we’ll catch on faster.

Website includes videos, three levels of instruction with ten lessons, a teacher’s guide, and culture information. Check it out!

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  • I’m glad you like the videos, Bugs! My daughter is working her way through the first series for French. After watching the video, we do something fun to practice the vocab, like dress her dolls (clothing vocab), pretend to shop (food vocab), etc. Have fun!

    • Those are awesome ideas! I’ve been using them for myself, but have not started with the kids yet. As soon as we get settled into a new place, its so ON! I really think these will work to help them pick up the vocab, and then we can get together with some of our new german friends to practice. I am amazed at how the little kids teach eachother so much so quickly!