Mother Goose Monday: Keeping Baby Safe

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We had so much fun this week with Little Miss and Mother Goose Time. The boys’ bio-dad was in town for visitation, so it was just her and I all week. We did so many fun things! We went to lunch on a “date,” and got spoiled by Daddy. I painted her fingers and toe nails (and, the nails of most of the dolls in the house). We spent a beautiful day in Prauge. And, we did our Mother Goose Time Preschool!

The theme this week was all about Keeping Baby Safe. I loved the theme for the week, because it covered so many practical topics that I think about, but haven’t really thought to mention to Little Miss. The poor third child too often gets looked over on these things! Here are some of the highlights:

DSC_0058We got another color word wand to add to our little circle time corner. She LOVES these things, and spends a good chunk of her day singing to herself and waving them around. This picture was the clearest I got, because she whips them around so fast! She’s singing her ABC’s like a pro, and now has Green and Brown mastered.

DSC_0090We were introduced to these fabulous little craft noodles- all you have to do is dip them in a little water (on a sponge or we used a tiny bit of water on a wet plate) and they stick to paper, or together to make 3-D sculptures. What makes them even more awesome is that they dry right away and stick so well!  We LOVED them, and I found them on Amazon to order a ton more. Em made a herd of Elephants with hers when we were learning about elephants sticking together, and holding trunk to tail.

DSC_0099Her herd of Elephants

Little Miss loved the first day’s lesson the most- we learned about what happens at the doctor, and she got to make up a cute little doctors bag with tools to help her take care of her stuffed animals. On this day, we also learned a new letter (G) and worked on story sequencing skills.

DSC_0017Lacing her Doctors Bag

DSC_0029 DSC_0025Taking very good care of her Puppy

This week we also had another participation story that had Little Miss pretending to be all sorts of different kinds of animals. We learned about camouflage and why animals may need to hide- which she practiced all over Prauge.

DSC_0947Doesn’t quite get the idea of hiding- “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!”

One more craft to share today- Little Miss learned about soft things, and we used cotton balls to paint a picture of a bunny. She didn’t want to leave the cotton balls off, because the bunny was supposed to be soft, so we glued them on too. I just love that all the crafts are right here, so she gets to paint and play and make things.

It was an AWESOME week. My review of Mother Goose Time is still coming- I’ll have the nuts and bolts for you this weekend, so check back in with us for that!

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