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Today we took a daytrip to Rudesheim, Germany. We took a gondola to the top of the Niederwald to see Niederwalddenkmal monument. Sadly, the monument is under renovations, so there wasn’t much to see, but the view was breathtaking.

Riding the Gondola

The Neiderwald is surrounded by trees and hiking trails, so we set off to explore. The kid’s mission for today was to find the biggest leaf they could (we are on a bit of a leaf kick this month if you couldn’t tell!), and they immediately came back with one.

It’s as big as their head!

The best find was a little lizard which we tried to catch, but instead, the kids got a first hand lesson in caudal autonomy. The poor lizards tail flopped around for a full two minutes. Poor Bug and Mr. Man were both really upset that the lizard broke in half, but we were able to reassure them that it was just something a lizard can do to escape from a predator, and his tail would grow back. When we got home, we looked it up online, and watched a time lapse video of a gecko’s tail growing back.

Not too bad for a surprise science lesson!

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  1. Weird question… do you happen to know how long ago the gondolas replaced the cog railway? Your pictures from the more recent post immediately made me think I’ve been there, but I’m not sure it was the same place.

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