Why I will never, ever, miss a flu shot.

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Well, I made it all the way to the states for some much needed time with my parents. I’ve spent most of that time on their couch. And, doing many other unglamorous things. I wish I had adventure stories for you, or awesome pictures, but I’m too sick to adventure, and too tired to care about pulling out the camera!

Which leads me to my point- I will never, ever miss a flu shot ever again, because IF I had one, I would be having a lot more fun, and a lot less aches and pains.

Get yer flu shot kids, before you get the flu and die.

So it goes.

Me, and the kids, with the flu, at the Capitol. No, you can’t really see it because of the inauguration set up. And yes, I am smiling, no, I am not happy to be vertical. But- I AM happy to be here with my family, and we’re making the best of it!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your time home! Enjoyed your homeschooling in Germany post for the CREW blog! We have other friends homeschooling there as well, and like you, have enjoyed having the freedom to be able to travel and soak it all in beofre heading home soon. Blessings!

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