Field Trip Friday: The National Gallery of Art

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The kids and I with Michelangelo’s David-Apollo

The kids and I are in DC this week, and are LOVING it. We’ve been to the National Archives and seen the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. We’ve visited the Smithsonian Natural History and Air and Space Museums. We’ve seen the monuments.

But our favorite part of our DC adventure?

The National Gallery of Art.

I love art. I love to see it. I love to teach it. I love to create it (even if I’m no Monet…. more like Pollock. Yeah, I can channel some Pollock). Most of all, I love watching my KIDS light up when they see it.

Over the last year, Bug has attended every one of my Art Classes, and on this trip, I was able to see just how much he learned. As we walked through the museum, he recognized paintings we had studied. More importantly, he was able to recognize the artist’s style and could tell me which painting he saw was a Monet, or a Modigliani. He could recognize the “isms”. It was heaven for me!

He knew Van Gogh from a mile away, even though he’s never seen this painting. Win!

(Photography is permitted in the National Gallery of Art for personal purposes. However, I still didn’t like the idea of using a flash on these beautiful works of art! Sorry for the bleh photos, they don’t do the art justice!)

Field Trip Friday

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