Mother Goose Monday: What about Kindergarten?

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This week has been a bit of a time sucking black pit of illness. Which probably sounds pretty bad, but I have to be honest with you, and say it was. It was pretty bad. It’s getting better. We’ve had fevers, and tummy bugs, and all sorts of whiny madness between the three (cough, okay, four of us, because I was pretty whiny too) and things just haven’t been getting done around here.

Which means today’s preschool post is more about what I am hoping happens this month, because we have only managed to get one “school day” in since July started. Tomorrow is a new day, y’all, and I am daydreaming all about it.

DSC_0657She kills me with her sense of style

So- Mother Goose Time. It’s a preschool program, technically.

However, this month, we’re testing a theory I have. Mr. Man is recently 6, and is technically a first grader this fall. This month, I am having him “do” Mother Goose Time right along with Little Miss. Since she is on the young end (quite nearly 3) she hasn’t been able to do every included activity, as I don’t require her to read or write yet. But Mr. Man CAN read and write, and from the looks of the materials, there is no reason a Kinder kid can’t do them too.

I really think he’s going to love the theme of this month. I’m going to have him do everything in the book, and beef it up a little with his separate phonics and math programs, and call that that this month. I think combining kids is going to be great for me, and hopefully, at the end of the month I’ll be able to confirm that Mother Goose Time is indeed a reasonable kindergarten option for most kids.

DSC_0668 DSC_0671 DSC_0677


Wish me Luck!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Mother goose time is my plan for this year for my four and five year old boys. I’ve waivered on doing both boys together or starting the five year old with oak meadow this fall. But I’m thinking just doing the same program for both has to be the easiest?

    1. That is exactly my thinking- it’s easier to combine. There’s too much of an age gap between Em and Mr. Man to combine them long term (three years) and too much of a skill gap to combine him up with Bug (1st to 4th grade) but if I could- you know I’d be all over it. For those ages, I would pick either Mother Goose Time or Oak Meadow K- and combine. The programs have two very different flavors, so it would come down to your goals and personality- but I would pick one.
      I don’t see any reason why MGT won’t work for Kinder (and I am toying with sticking with it that long with Em), or why Oak Meadow K wouldn’t work for Preschool (many people use it that way since OM doesn’t tackle reading until first grade). With MGT, I’d add phonics (Logic of English Foundations is my favorite, hands down) and Math for the older kiddo, and call it good for the year!

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