Mother Goose Monday: Waiting for Baby

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This last week we started a new preschool program with Little Miss from Mother Goose Time. Technically, we’re working on a review, which will be huge, and detailed, and wonderful. But, as I was snapping away this week while teaching, I realized there is no way I can share all these adorable pictures in the review. Which lands us here, with a new series! Welcome to Mother Goose Mondays. I hope you don’t mind being overwhelmed with cuteness one day a week.


Mother Goose Time is broken down into monthly themes. This month, my family is using the Animal Babies theme (which is a month behind the “normal” release of themes- other Mother Goose Time families used this kit in January). Within the month, each week covers a different concept within the theme. This week was “Waiting for Baby” Mother Goose Time Day 1 Day 1: We learned that baby kittens grow inside their moms. We played lots of games! Em pretended she was a kitten and made this super cute kitty mask as a craft. We also introduced the color of the month (brown) and the shape of the month (the octagon). Lastly, we wrote her name (and her brothers) on name strips and worked on name recognition. The face she’s making in the second picture is her says “Eh!” for Em. Mother Goose Time Day 2 Day 2 was about babies who grow in eggs. We looked for babies using the “hand lens” on our theme poster and hid eggs while sorting colored octagons. She also practiced singing “Rock-a-Bye Baby” to her dolly, and made this adorable hand print Rock-a-bye craft. Mother Goose Time Day 3 Day 3 is about babies who get help from their Dads. We also learned about being very gentle, and played a game of “pass the egg”. She decorated a gentle feather, and wore it as a necklace all day. We learned about one of the letters of the month (Q) and played on a quilt. She also practiced counting to 5 while putting the foam shapes on the mat. Mother Goose Time Day 4 Day 4 was about BIRTHDAYS! (and when were you born?). We made a cute panda puppet, and practiced singing happy birthday to our Panda friend. We read a story about the things Baby Animals do. Then, we had some science fun! We played with “rain” and poured water back and forth in bowls, and learned about heavy and light objects. Mother Goose Time Day 5 Day 5 was “What is Adoption”. We read the animal book (again). We learned about adopting a puppy. We looked at our world map, and learned about Canada. We talked about how people would take care of a puppy in cold Canada. We played Baby Animal Bingo as a family, described dog treats and talked about caring for dogs. Em worked on some pre-writing skills.


It was an AWESOME week. There is no way I could show you every little thing we did here, but let me tell you, this is a full, fun program. I’ll be back next week with more fun, and then in about a month, I will have a full review showing all the nuts and bolts of the program (like what you get, and how it works!)

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  1. So glad to see this! I found your blog from your Nancy Larson science review, but this one has made me happier! I just heard about Mother Goose Time last week and was considering it for my little girl who is desperate to “do school” like her brothers. Anxious to read the rest of what you have to say! Thanks!

    1. It’s fantastic- I hope you come back on March 1 to read the whole review! I’m finding it perfect for my little one, but more so, it’s perfect for me because everything I need is right there ready to go. With the big kids to teach, I don’t have a moment to waste, so it’s nice to have something fun, and open-and-go for her!

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