Zoo Animals Coloring Book

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Sometimes, it can be difficult starting a new year of homeschool when you have children at many different levels! Therefore, in honor of this season of back-to-school, we thought it would be nice to give you something especially for your younger kiddos to do! Today’s Zoo Animals Coloring Book is a fun and educational activity that young learners can do independently. This activity is perfect for toddler- Pre-K (or even Kindergarten) ages. Whether you have a young, only child, or learners of multiple grades and ages, activities like this one offer a great way to keep your younger kids engaged in a solo learning activity.

What’s Included:

This Zoo Animal Coloring Book includes 15 coloring pages full of animals that you might see at the zoo! Each page features a different animal and includes a lined section where your child can trace that animal’s name. The animals are also listed in alphabetical order. When your child is done coloring the pages, you can help him/her practice arranging them by using the alphabet! This coloring book offers a fun, low stress way for your child to experience the benefits of coloring and tracing, while also learning about different animals. I also like that this coloring book is an easy for many young kids to do without any assistance. Activities like this one help kids become more confident in their ability to work independently, which is an important skill!

Benefits of Coloring:

There are so many reasons that coloring is beneficial for children (and even adults). Coloring is thought to help increase focus, mindfulness, and attention to detail. In young kids, coloring can be a great way to explore colors and familiarize themselves with new subjects of interest!

Benefits of Tracing:

On each page of this Zoo Animal Coloring Book, children will have the opportunity to trace the name of the featured animal. Tracing is beneficial for young kids in a multitude of ways. Like coloring, tracing helps nurture concentration and fine motor skills. Tracing can also boost word recognition (in this case, with each animal being shown.)  Since each coloring page in this Zoo Animal Coloring Book only features one word to trace, its not an overwhelming task–even for for very young kids (toddlers-Pre-K aged.)

We hope you enjoy having this Zoo Animal Coloring Book to use with your young kiddos at home! Once you’ve downloaded it, you can print out as many copies as you like. If you have friends or family who you think would enjoy it, too, please send them here so that they can download their own copy! Grab your printable Zoo Animal Coloring Book by clicking the link below!

Grab Your Zoo Animal Coloring Book Here!


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