Adorable Flamingo Plush Craft

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Summer is upon us, and it’s the best time to get crafty with fun, hands-on learning activities! Crafts get kids excited about being makers and help them see how every decision in the creative process has purpose. They also provide great practice for following directions and can be a good way for kids to pick up some valuable life skills. Today, we’re going to show you how to create an adorable plush flamingo craft that is perfectly on-theme for summer fun!


List of Supplies:

Here’s a list of the few things you’ll need for this craft. You’ll also want our printable template, which you can grab with the link at the bottom of this page!

1. Felt fabric
2. Pencil or fabric marker
3. Scissors
4. Needle and thread
5. Cotton or scrap felt

How to Make It:

To start out, use our printable template (available at the bottom of this page) to trace and cut out all of the shapes that you will need for this craft out of felt. We went with “traditional” flamingo colors (AKA bright pink!) Bonus: Did you know that flamingos are pink because their diet includes high amounts of orange-red carotenoid pigments?? You are what you eat!

Our printable template for this craft includes: 

  • 2 body patterns
  • 4 leg patterns 
  • 2 wing patterns 
  • 4 beak patterns

You’ll notice that there’s a template for the front and back of your flamingo plush. This is just to make your life easier as you complete this 3D craft! You’ll want 2 sides for each part of the flamingo, and having a template for each piece that you cut out just makes it easier to use the template however you want (or have extras on hand if you need them.) 

After you trace everything, cut all of the shapes out. You should have everything pictured below.

Now, it’s time to assemble. Start off with the 2 body patterns and the 2 wing patterns. Prepare a needle with thread that matches your felt, and use a basic stitch to sew each wing onto each of the body cut-outs.

Next, you’ll use a fabric marker or pencil to trace a simple eye pattern on the head part of the flamingo. You’ll see that we did a closed eye with eyelashes–this makes it easier to go over with stitching! 

Prepare a needle with black thread and stitch out the eye shape that you traced. I used a back stitch to do this. Be sure to do everything on both sides! When you have stitched on the eye and attached both parts of the beak, you should have two sides of your flamingo decked out and looking super cute!

You know what’s next, right? We have to attach the sides to each other! To do this, you will use a blanket stitch. First, put one of the flamingo body cut-outs on top of the other. Important: make sure that the sides you have decorated are both facing outward!

Start going around the flamingo with your blanket stitch, but before you get to the lower half of the body, pause a moment to get your flamingos legs.

First, you’ll use a basic stitch to sew 2 sides together and create 2 thick legs. Next, you will place the legs where you want them on the flamingo, with each leg slightly in-between the two layers of the flamingo’s body. This way, you will actually stitch the legs onto the flamingo as you proceed around the lower portion of your plushie with the blanket stitch.

Before you go all the way around the flamingo with the blanket stitch, you’ll also want to stop and leave a little hole for the stuffing! We want this flamingo to be plump and – well – plushie! Leftover felt scraps work perfectly for this, so just grab a few cuttings and cram them in!

When your flamingo plush is nice and plump, finish out your blanket stitch, tie a knot (or two), and cut your thread! Your flamingo is complete! You can use your adorable flamingo plush as summer decor. You can also hot glue it into a popsicle stick to use as a bookmark, or attach a magnet to it and stick it on your refrigerator!

We hope you and your kids have a blast making this adorable, hands-on flamingo plush this summer. Don’t forget to grab your template using the link below!

Grab the Printable Template for this Adorable Flamingo Plush Here

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