Weekly Wrap Up {Week 2}

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We just finished our second week of school! I still am reeling a little working out the balance of teaching both kids, and keeping Peach’s cup full. If you missed the plan for this fall, you can see it here. I really like the idea of doing these wrap-up posts, because a lot of the time, I feel like I’m not doing enough. I make grand plans, but don’t always get to pull off everything on my to-do list. In writing about what we actually accomplished, I’m forced to slow down and see the successes, rather than the failures. It’s one day at a time over here, and every little lesson counts this year!

So, this week!


We continued with his Moving Beyond the Page unit study of Morning Girl. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this book right along with him. It’s kind of funny, because in planning what lit studies we were going to do, I almost left this one off the list because I read a comment from someone on Facebook who really didn’t like it. But- Bug loves it, and I think it’s just a beautifully written book. The activities are a perfect balance of fun and challenging. This week, we talked about point of view more, did more work with pronouns, and Bug wrote a story using the first person perspective. The book itself is written with alternating chapters from Morning Girl, and her brother, Star Boy- so Bug wrote two paragraphs, one from each characters point of view. He did a really fantastic job! We have just a couple days left with this unit, so we should be starting a new study next week. I haven’t decided for sure which one to do, but I am thinking about Charlotte’s Web… unless a different one catches my eye between now and later in the week.

DSC_0552Latin cursive copywork

Bug continued with Logic of English Essentials, and this week, he started having a Buddy over to do the lesson with him. It’s nice having someone here to play phonogram games with! He also worked a lot on his cursive copywork, and did another lesson with Prima Latina.

In Math, Bug continued working with the Metric system. This week was all about kilometers and meters- adding and subtracting with mixed numbers. Math is kind of making me crazy (doesn’t it always)! Bug is forgetting to pay attention to details, like whether he is adding or subtracting, or forgetting to pay attention to the whole number, and neglecting the kilometers and adding the meters only. It breaks his heart when he gets something wrong for carelessness. The math is correct, and I know he is getting the process. I need to work with him on paying better attention and focusing while working independently. I think this really comes down to his age though- the math he is doing is meant for older children. His maturity level is not as high as his ability, so we’re looking for the right balance of independence and parent support.

How to make a dreamcatcher

We had a lot of fun with Oak Meadow this week. Currently, we’re learning about Native Americans and their stories. One night this week we made some beads out of polymer clay, and then made some dream catchers. The instructions called to use paper plates, but I only had one, and it ripped when Bug first tried to tie it. So, we got a branch from our Hawthorne tree, and made the dream catcher with that instead! It turned out awesome, and I made one for myself too! I’ll share a tutorial later in the week, so you can make one too.

Bug also had dance class this week and continued with his “specials” at the school. He came home singing some songs in Spanish, and I am looking for a good program to use at home to reenforce the things he is learning in class.

Mr. Man


Mr. Man had an awesome week. His sleep routine is getting better with the specials, so he wasn’t nearly as wore out this week. He continued working hard with Logic of English Foundations and his reading is getting better and better! In Math class, we practiced addition with manipulatives, and learned the many different ways he can “make 6.” We did lots of coloring, lots of cuddling and lots of playtime. He also started his Tap class this week, and had a blast!

Go on a fruit and seed hunt for fall!

Mr. Man’s highlight of the week was Oak Meadow, we went on a nature walk, and looked for signs of fall- this time, the fruit and seeds on trees. I found an awesome printable guide, and we set out while Bug was at specials to see how many we could find. The trees are full of colorful berries and cool looking seeds! He filled a bucket full of nature’s treasures and spent the hour just wandering around. It was wonderful!

Little Miss


Sweet girl is still a hot mess! This week, no milk on the floor mishaps, so I’m happy! She is struggling with the new schedule this week because her naptime is two hours earlier than she used to have it. She fell asleep on my lap for the first time in a very long time because she is just wore out. We did have a chance to do some fun stuff this week; I had time this week to do a “mini-row” of ABC Bunny with her. We read the book 3 times this week, and did things like sing our ABCs, name the colors, and name the animals. I love having quiet time to cuddle with her and read!

All Together

Bug started a distance learning class at Bridgeway Academy all about the middle ages. We had been working on a study of the middle ages (get it free here) for a while now, but I love the idea of having a second teacher to share her perspective on this interesting time period. This week, we listened to a lot of Story of the World II in the car, did some map work, and visited a really awesome castle. For the next few weeks, I am trying to visit as many castles as we can!

Kids at CastleVisiting Burg Eppstein

For science, I totally intended to do really awesome experiments about the different states of matter. Instead, I stayed in bed when I should have been teaching, and the kids watched magic school bus. Facebook declared it a legitimate alternative, so I refuse to feel guilty about it! Next week, we’ll do something more hands on!

We also have been enjoying the stories (folk tales mostly) from Oak Meadow 1 and 3 at bedtime!

How did your week go?


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